The Love of the Father, the Divine Love of the Father, you have only a faint glimmer of what that really means. Yet, that faint glimmer has so inspired the core of your being that you know during those times of frustration, doubt and discouragement that you have only to turn and face your Father again, in order to receive a healing. Wouldn’t it be a healing and a blessing for you never to turn your face away from the Light; To never forget or have cause to doubt, to be At-One and to truly know how much you are loved and provided for; Yet, that only be the very beginning?

You’ve said that you want a stronger degree of faith. You’ve said that you wish to be in more harmony. We have heard you, in your prayers say that you wish to let go of all the clutter, all the confusion and be shown the Truth and the Light. We are here to say, “Give permission for your souls to go forth in the Love. Give permission for your minds to relinquish the shackles that you have been bound by.” Those shackles that you have been bound by are you thinking you know what it is going to be like, for in truth, you do not.

Let go of your minds concept of who you think each person is in this room, this home, and beyond. The truth is these souls encased in material have so much potential it is amazing that you trip yourselves up time and again and saying, “I can’t do that.” “It is impossible.” “That isn’t my place.” “Who am I to think that?” These thoughts of unworthiness, these thoughts of limitations are of your own design. They make prisoners of you. How ironic the prisons that you make that hold you in bondage are from your own manifested thoughts. No jailer could do a better job. So, if you are in the gifts of this experience, I say gifts because these are just gifts that you have misused. Your thoughts have creative force and your free will knows no bounds. Ask for mercy. Ask for forgiveness. Ask to be shown the Truth of the Way to the Light along the Path to the Joyous Fountainhead of our Father. Ask for stronger faith. Ask to know. Ask for worthiness. Know that it will be received, heard, and made manifest. It is but the sieve of your mind’s belief that you are in now. Ask for mercy that these filters be widened so that more abundance and faith, joy and Divine Love manifest in your life.

Do you know how much love rains down upon you? Yet, you, yourself open up the umbrella to shield you from its force. You, yourself decide how much you will take in and how much you will leave on the table. You, yourself, have a say in how fast or how slow you progress. You, yourself, think about that. Not so much that you will kick yourself that you will go back into pity and loathing, but for you to understand that you take an active role in your soul’s progression.

Do you remember seeing the face of a newborn? How open it reflected everything and the love that it mirrored or responded to? We see you as those babes. It is the beliefs you have absorbed in your so-called journey upon this plane and those beliefs that weren’t in harmony that you take on, as your own. You have the opportunity of a developed free will to turn that around.

You know how to pray, to go to the Source and ask for mercy and forgiveness. Humble yourselves, humble yourselves enough to know that you cannot do it alone. Humble yourself enough to ask for assistance and guidance. Humble enough to know that everything that you need has been provided for. It is but for you to see how you have used or misused the tools and gifts given to you.

You will pass this way, but once. Will it be a journey of love, development, growth and inspiration or will it be one of pain, suffering, doubt and pointing the finger at everyone, but yourself? Don’t fall into the “martyr trap” of if only and what if.

You are here now. The journey begins now. If you have learned anything from the past, you must have learned that you have survived. You must also know that just beyond surviving is not enough. You will never be satisfied.

The gifts of the Father Kingdom are not of this world. Yet, He does provide for His children. So much is available to you. We come, we share, and we give our love. You must know how much we love you. There are many souls needing our attention. Yet, we always find the time for you. That must mean something of value.

How many times have we asked you to collectively pray, to bring the force field of Love manifested in this home to a higher pitch? How many times have other things gotten in the way? It is your free wills active either in harmony or not in harmony that will accord you a more fulfilling, joyous, existence whereby, you fulfill the potential of your souls’ longing for the Love in your lives. Or, you stop short and say, “Someone else was dealt a better hand than I.” Well, look in the mirror and see it doesn’t matter if you were given all aces or clubs of a lower dominion. Your souls are equally developed in its potential to receive the Love. How much more privileged have you been to be given the tools, the guidance, and the companions who are on the same path, than many others are who have yet to hear these words?

You and you alone, will answer how you go forth in this life and share it. You and you alone, will have to decide whether or not it has truly meant something to you or if it has been beyond your concept of truly understanding of who you really are.

Do you know who you really are? The Father does. We do. Let go and be.

I am your friend and brother in the Divine Love, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.