The Celestial angels (also known as Divine Love angels) share the messages at this site to assist humans with their souls’ progression and provide guidance for improving our lives here on earth. As you will see, the angels focus on the availability of God’s Divine Love and the importance of incorporating It into one’s path of growth. You will also find loving, helpful, and supportive messages from the angels on a variety of other topics, as well as links to other Divine Love sites.

Who are the Celestial Angels?

The Celestial Angels were once mortals like you and I and have since been transformed by the Divine Love of our Father through sincere and earnest prayer, with faith, to our Father for the bestowal of His Divine Love. As our Father sends His Love into our souls, by means of His Holy Spirit, our souls are transformed from being created in the image of God into the very Essence and Nature of God. The inflowing of the Divine Love into our souls is the “New Birth” as it is the only way to True Salvation and Immortality. Jesus, a son of God, is the highest Celestial Angel and True Master and Founder of the Celestial Heavens.

A note about sexist language:

Some of the messages at this web site were received in the early 1900’s in the language of the time. We have not edited out the traditional sexist language (e.g., man vs. humans) because we were unsuccessful in doing so without changing the meaning of the messages in certain areas. We apologize in advance if this offends you. We ask that you read all messages at this web site with an open heart and attempt to see and understand the intended meanings beyond the words.

Different names for God:

Father, Father/Mother, Mother, Source, Creator, Great Soul, Jehovah, Almighty, Divinity, The One, Oversoul, Allah, Grandfather, Yahweh, Protector, Preserver, Savior, All-in-All, Eternal One, Heavenly Father, Good Shepherd, Maker, Source of the Great Spirit, Higher Power, Highest Power, Source of All… Also, please understand that God is neither male nor female. He/She is much much more.

Jesus comments on this subject in this quote:

…this world needs more nurturing and the feminine conjures up comfort and nurturing and because we know that God’s soul is both male and female, it is just fine to call God He/She or She.
(02/02/97 – Jesus – AB)

Introductory angelic messages from Melchizedek and Mary.

(As you will see, the message from Melchizedek was written for you, the new visitor to our web site. The following message from Mary is directed to both you the reader and us the editors. While most messages at this site are universal in nature, you may at times read messages that seem to be personal or directed to the individuals who receive the messages. However, each message has been posted because it provides insights that may prove useful to you and/or others.)

I am here, Melchizedek,

This is a time for you and many like you to pray for the Love and receive the great joy that is available. There are many changes occurring here on earth. Many are good, for they lead people to question and seek Truth and Love. There are also many people in despair, who so yearn for this Love and Truth, but have not learned of It, yet.

This web site is dedicated to sharing messages of this Love and Truth in a manner that allows people to understand that there is more beyond this life, and that earth is not the last stop on the train of existence, but the first. There are many opportunities available to humans on earth. The choice to seek this Love and experience the joy and happiness that comes through receiving It is an individual choice for each human to make.

I come to you tonight to share a message about the Love and Truth. Messages about this Love and Truth are being made known to humans through our many messengers here on Earth, and there are many more spirits in the spirit world working to teach mortals of this Love. Trust now and open your hearts to this Love, and you will see great changes in your life. The changes may come gradually for some and instantaneously for others. This very real, powerful and healing Love enters your soul in direct proportion to your prayers and faith.

I am one who lived on earth but did not know of the Love when I was on earth. I did my best to be a good man and follow the Will of our Father, as I knew it, and I had a good life on earth…. Since I have learned of this Love, I have been praying for It continuously and have received so much joy, so much Love and Goodness. Trust me as I speak through this medium, the Love is the greatest of all things available on earth and in the spirit world. It is what brings harmony to all our lives and what will bring more joy to yours. Trust in what I am saying, for I have nothing to gain by leading you astray. I come here tonight out of sincere Love and joy. I want each person who reads these messages to find the Love I have found and received from our Father.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Try receiving It and see what happens. Take some quiet time to open yourself up to the Father’s Love and Blessing. Ask for mercy (help) if you do not understand how.

For some it helps to envision your prayers going up in to the highest heavens straight to God. Then envision Love coming down to you like rain or sparkling golden light. This rain or sparkling light touches your body and fills your heart and soul with Love and makes you feel warm and at peace. Try envisioning this, or just send a prayer upward and ask to feel this Great Love. Ask that It nourish you.

This Love is the key that unlocks many doors.

With my love and blessings, I am you friend and brother,



I am here Mary, the mother of Jesus,

All I want to say is that Melchizedek spoke and that his message is pure and will assist many. Edit this message and use it on your web page.

With my love and blessings,

I am Mary, the mother of Jesus.

(01/28/96 – Melchizedek & Mary – TW)

Our first message on the internet from Jesus’

Jesus wants us all to fully realize God’s Love in our lives and break a cycle of growth than stagnation…before growth again.

I am here, Jesus.

I ask that you make an effort to pray together, two to three times a day. By this I mean that you set special times, regardless of what you’re doing, to take the time to pray, to be connected and in harmony . Even if you’re a distance away, you need to feel that you’re on the same team together, not in competition with each other. I say this because there needs to be acquiescence here, and forgiveness, and understanding, to create a better place of peace. I ask that you set these times up between yourselves and that you adhere to them. For, I say that, even in a short period of time, you’ll experience a greater harmony with each other. There won’t be these walls that you build to separate after you’ve been close.

We want you to build on the love and not keep rattling down to the very foundation of your relationship. There is a fear here. This fear is caused by not trusting. The fear basically is that you won’t be who you were. What’s true is that you won’t be who you were. You’ll be who you already are because you’ll be peeling away the veneer. You’ll be peeling away the mask. You’ll be peeling away all the self-defensive mechanisms which you’ve put in place to be able to protect yourself and/or forearm yourself, as you’ve felt you’ve had to do, in so many other situations in your life.

I’m here to tell you, here and now… you have all of the tools to bring about the conditions of love and harmony, that you’ve said you’d like to create in this home. You have those tools of creativity that you’ve wanted. You have those tools to bring yourself up to a level of harmony and love. Remember, that you’re not put and you don’t progress, in terms of your spirit leaving your body and taking your soul to a place of progression that’s beyond where you’ve progressed.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s its time to wipe the veneers away on all levels and be who you really are. You don’t have to pretend. You don’t have to a bravado, which isn’t you. You can truly be and experience that love, that joy, that prosperity here and now. Just give yourselves permission. Ask that your free wills be in harmony with the Father’s and it will be so. You’ll see manifestations of this love on so many levels that you can scarcely keep up with it. It’ll be like a new surprise – the sunlight coming through a different window that you hadn’t even expected!

There is so much love and joy here. Why pretend that it isn’t so? You do not have to put each other in a position where you feel threatened, humiliated. Just ask that the truth prevail and in your own time, you will each acknowledge personally, as well as face to face, what is really here; what the love is and be joyful for the love.

There are so many places and places in the heart, as well as places of condition that you’ve only glimpsed at. It’s time to open the door wider, come in and make yourself at home. Be at peace, for there will be like souls who will understand, and are ready to welcome you. It is O.K. to show joy and laughter, but you must show joy and laughter to yourselves first. For this to be truly a sanctuary, it has to be a sanctuary for each and every one of you. It does not mean to the exclusion of someone else. Nor is it you being in a space where you’re taking away from someone else. It is a space where you’ve opened up to the point and grown enough to see that you have so many riches to give. So many riches are in your possession, you do not have to hoard them, anymore. They can be given away, freely, lovingly, glowingly.

Understand this. As you see with love and prosperity, so will it be manifest to you. So will you wake up to a space of going, ‘My, why didn’t I see that before?’ So, its a way of making yourself ready. Its a way of opening up to choices. Its an opening up and tapping into the wealth that is here. You’re wealthy beyond measure. You do not have to keep yourself in this place of poverty, in this space of limitedness. It is your free will. You have so much love and joy and sunshine here. See the sunshine. See the love. See the greatness that is here. There are so many joyful, beautiful souls that are here. Give them a place to express themselves. Express the Love. Don’t condemn it. Don’t hide it. Don’t keep it sheltered in such a space that its only opened up, briefly here and there, and then hoarded away. What good are your jewels if you do not display them and share them?

If you want to be open to a greater Love, a greater wisdom, a greater truth, a greater knowledge, then do so by example. Do so by sharing. Do so by sharing every bit of you. By sharing every bit of you, I mean get to know yourself. Don’t deny who you really are. Don’t make excuses. This isn’t to say that you put each other in jeopardy. It’s to say that you acknowledge and you revere and you’re thankful. You thank your heavenly Father for the many riches He’s bestowed upon you.

The angels here are to help assist, guide you and administer to you. How do you reflect that back? If you’re an angel in training, then you learn. You give. You grow. You take risks.

So, my brothers and sisters, I ask you, ‘How have you been an angel today?’ ‘How have you shared and spread the Love.’ ‘How have you shown, by example, that you are truly a disciple of the Love…and I mean this on all levels?’

Go joyfully forth. Love one another as I have loved you. Be open to the Father’s Love. Remember, the Father has many temples, mansions and there are more being set forth. Create a mansion here. Show the Love, the growth, and share with others. By share, I mean share yourselves. I mean, be prepared. I mean, if this were your last 12 hours on this earth, what would you do to make it a better place? What legacy would you leave behind? Remember it is much easier to progress here on the earth plane with the Love and go on to an accelerated rate in the spirit world, but your work is here. The Father has placed you here and you have so much work before you and so little time.

Grow in the Love. Be joyful. Do not be selfish. Do not hoard. Spread the wealth and reap the great joy that is here for you. We have much more to say, but I ask you to pause and consider what I have said. Let this be your first message on the internet.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother, Jesus.

(01/13/96 – Jesus – CRS)

A Final Note from the Editors:

We each have a longing in our souls – a longing to be loved and a longing to love. Our desires and needs may be said in a word – LOVE. Put aside your material needs for a moment and just be. Just sit and be with God. Open up to His Love and feel the peace and the serenity that can be yours each and every moment of every day. Our Father does not desire any of His children to suffer, but to be happy and joyous. Put aside your mind for a moment and listen to your soul – what is it telling you? You are very important to God and the angels. Use your free will to connect with them and ask them and God to be a part of your everyday life – then observe the wonderful changes that will come about.