Blessings to you each, feel the Fathers Love, upon you each. Oh, for your soul’s to grow strong in the Love. Be aligned in the Light and Grace that is bestowed upon you, as His beloved children. Allow this Love to seep into your hearts, and feel the realignment happening as you expand in the Mercy and Grace of His Love.

Allow this Love to gladden your hearts, and soothe your hurts, and dissipate your suffering. Fully embrace this gift. It will assist you in knowing Him, our Beloved Father, who is so generous to each and every one of us.

In order for you to stay in a state of grace, it is necessary for you to surrender your ego and allow the Father’s Love to mold you into a new creature. If you give your will to the Father, if you ask to be guided by His Divine Love, this is open to you. There is a wider range of possibilities:  Because in surrendering, you bring forth those talents, in you that have your signature of uniqueness and individuality.

You grow in your faith and trust in Our Heavenly Father. He cannot help, but give you and send to you, those who’ll assist you in the fruition and forming of the best possible you.

The footfalls you make, in your soul’s growth, are blessed. You are guided, to those individuals, and those circumstances, that are most in harmony, with the unfoldment, of the unique blessings that allow you to expand, in thought, and action, and deed.

Your minds, being led, by the beauty of your souls, take on, a makeup that allows you to absorb truths, and knowledge, effortlessly – Because your soul is attuned, in the Vibration of a Consciousness, that is not of this world, but is of a heavenly nature.

You slough off the physicality of the lower planes. Your soul is in a heightened state of consciousness. Those things that are not of the Light are left on the threshing floor. So, you see, you are unburdened of those things that have brought you down, in the past.

You ascend beyond the earth planes. Through prayer allow your souls to rise above that which you were familiar, into heights that render you innocent like a babe, experiencing, a new world.

You see, your soul begins to resonate, to the vibration, of the light, and consciousness of His Celestial Heavens that draw your soul home to Him. Isn’t that what you have asked for – To be sequestered in the Embrace and Love of our Heavenly Father?

This happiness, this Embrace of Love is yours.  No one can take it away from you, save you, yourself.  So, ask that your will, be superseded in the Consciousness of the Over-Soul, of our Heavenly Father.  You will lack in nothing. Your embrace will be secure because you are saying, “Yes, to unfoldment”. “Yes, to enrichment.” “Yes, to your soul’s expansion, without

being ruled by the limitations of your mind”. You are saying, “Yes, to be a part of a fellowship of beings, whose gift, our Father, has said, “Is ours to partake in His Love and the Gift of Immortality, to those souls who are transformed and take on the cloak of the Wedding Garment. This is a state of consciousness. This is a state of beingness. This is a state that is yours for the asking – For the sincere soul that aspires to be At-One with Him. It is your gift, to experience, while you are still, in this life on earth, if you so choose.  Ask that His Will be done, in your lives and actualized, and it will be so.

I experienced that when I came and shared my mission. That mission is alive and well. You, who come, and share, and pray, and aspire to our Heavenly Father, know it is so.

Let this truth be in your hearts, and allow you, to follow in my footsteps. The Father allows you, to do this, and greater acts, than I did.

So, I ask you, “To come follow me.”  “I will show you the way home, to our Heavenly Father, who loves and blesses us, each.”  “Know rapture beyond compare.”

God’s blessings be with you, each.

I am your friend and brother in the Divine Love,

Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens, whom our Father has blessed, with allowing me to share with you, this day. Peace and Love – Remember His Love. It is yours.

Ask that your souls stay open to the truth of this Love, now and always.

With His Love, and my love to you, I say thank you, for allowing me to share with you.

Peace be with you, each. I go.