It is not that there has been a distance between us, for I have been present many times for services here. It is the blessings of the Father that net me an opportunity to share.

Look in your hearts and see what it is that you truly desire. Beyond the trappings of financial independence, beyond the illusion of this home and everything that encompasses, beyond good health because if all of these were taken away from you and this would be foremost in your mind, it is another veil to cloud the issue. Beyond finding true love and treasures beyond measure, what is it that you truly desire? Beyond the conditional to the unconditional, what is it that you truly desire?

If I can clarify this better, you have passed beyond this world and what it could and could not give to you. When you are beyond the threshold of the gate that takes you into the world of disembodied spirits, here you are with your spirit body and your soul. Now, what is it that you truly desire?

In this world, there is no satisfying a craving for chocolate. In this world, there is no satisfying a desire for gold, stock, or real estate. In this world, there is no seeking revenge upon another and actually thinking that it can be accomplished. Here, you are face to face with yourself, vulnerable, stripped of hiding your thoughts. Standing alone with no one to shield you – No spouse, no lover, no father, no mother. Standing, stripped bare…What is it that you desire? What do you seek? Do you know? This is an opportunity for you to speak.

Well, I hear some of you saying that you want to come to know God. Others, saying the freedom of responsibility…. Still, others saying life everlasting. Let me share with you beyond those who come and greet you to comfort you and the Father’s Provisions of Mercy.

Standing alone, coming face to face with yourself, what do you think you’ll see and have to face about yourself? What recollections will be stirred within your consciousness? What will you have shown to you? It is amazing how even the so-called, “strongest and most fearless” have been brought to their knees and wept like a child. Asking for the Father’s Mercy is a good step. Asking for forgiveness is another. Truly wanting to change is but another phase.

When what is shown to you is something that you can face, (by this I mean beyond the overtures of good deeds and what you may or may have not done in certain instances, but that part of you that some may refer to as the darker side of you), when you can face this part of you and endure it, own it – Ask the Father for release. Compensation will have nothing to work upon. When you can get beyond this humbling experience, and open your eyes to what is really and truly there, then and only then can you have some inkling of the True Bountiful Mercy of the Father and His Provisions for us.

There are no blastings of choose this, choose that, come here, and go there. Your free will and your exercise of that free will allow you many choices on the path you choose. No, I am not here saying that there won’t be spirits who wish to have an influence upon you. What I am sharing for you is a light bulb that will be lite. Depending upon your inclinations, depending upon your truthfulness and how well you are at being open, to truly being attuned to your soul and whether or not you wish your soul’s development vs. the mind, you will have some decisions to make.

The vast majorities allow the influences of their minds to dictate their ultimate destiny. So few get in touch with what it really means to have a soul’s at-onement yearning for that fulfillment. They do not still themselves enough to have a intimacy of what greater gift is being offered to them.

Though I have painted a picture of your choices on the precipice of the end of your earth life, aren’t these the same choices you have while you walk in this life? So, what is it that you truly want? Consider that for both (and when I say both I am referring to the mind’s path and the soul’s path), lead to contentment. One has a limit whereas, the other has infinite possibilities, no limitations. What are your choices? You make choices everyday whether you are aware of it or not.

We who have experienced this “coming into our own,” as may be said, know that in the Wisdom of the Father and His Provisions for us, He is very wise in giving us choices rather than inclining us with only the option of Him. While that may have been so much easier, what lessons we have learned. How loving He is to give us free will. Even though some may say that it is a curse, as well, you have a choice in its operations. Yes, there have been so many repercussions in the wrong exercise of that will, that men have reaped much sorrow.

Yet, the Father and His Love and Forgiveness wishes us to be happy, whatever our choices may be and loves us despite ourselves. You cannot imagine how much He loves us. Love yourselves enough to be conscious of how you focus your love, of how you focus your priorities, of where you store your treasures. Be an instrument of the Love and you will inherit all things.

In joy and light, I pose you this question. Why aren’t you a divine angel? If you don’t experience it now, then when? Give your Love and know all things. The Father will bestow many joys to you. Your soul has many opportunities in the here and now, in this “coat of flesh”, as you walk the earth in the here and now. You can experience the kingdom in the now. The choice is yours.

With my love and blessings, I am your sister and friend, in the Divine Love, in the True Spirit of the Father’s Grace, Mary, a redeemed daughter.