I am here, your brother, Jesus. How peaceful the rest is here, encompassed by the Love, the Divine Love of your Father. In this state, your soul is at rest. You know a peace that nothing can compare to. Cosseted in the Love, you have no other desires or thoughts other than being there. When the Father gives us so much, He anticipates our every need, desire. How can we not trust to be in His care or question what you encounter on the Path to Him? We each with our own unique soul’s longing to be At-One with Him, could become the innocent children that we see at play, giving and loving. Here, there is no place for deceit, nothing to be hidden, no shame, no discomfort, no retribution. Our souls can become true to our real potential and come in harmony with our true purpose to become At-One with our Father. The nurturement of His Divine Love will groom us to be perfected souls, the true intent that He had for our first parents.

What a long way you have come in soul development. Yet, there is a greater path before you – To come to the realms of the Celestial Kingdom and the Fountainhead of the Father. Do not be deterred. Greater things are in store for you, greater Love, greater contentment, if you will only trust enough for the goodness of the Love to restore you.

Yes, you will change. You will become a better you. This better you will see with eyes of love, wisdom and compassion. This better you will hold forth a light of hope. You are metamorphosing. You are not the same person you were 3, 4, 6, months, two years ago. I am not saying that you may not be “whistling the same tune.” I am saying that your soul is asserting itself over the mind. There are more times when you are allowing your soul to lead and allowing the influence of the Love to propel you along that path of transformation, into a true child of God.

Our souls are the most precious things about us. How are you grooming it? What have you done for your soul, today? How have you allowed it to shine forth? What communion have you had with the Father? What prayers have you offered up? Have they been prayers to just support your needs, wants and habits? Have there been prayers to come to know the Father better, to understand and follow His Will? Have there been prayers to make you At-One with Him in the Love? Have you been asked to be made over so that your love takes on a new hue in the Light of Divine Love? Have you prayed for mercy and forgiveness to heal you of your transgressions? Have you sent out prayers to assist another who is just as deserving as you? How have you fed your soul today? How much time have you put forth in its nuturement and care? Are you tipping the scale in the mind’s indulgences?

Has you soul been in ascendancy? The soul will be in ascendancy the more spiritual food you give it. The interesting thing is that your material needs will be met by focusing on the spiritual. The answers will be shown to you.

Be in the Light. Go in the Love. Take on the nature of a transformed being in the Light and Love of the Heavenly Kingdom. Be our true companions in the Love. Give your love and dwell in the Father’s Kingdom and the light and love of our souls’ empowerment in the Divine Love.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens. I do my Father’s Bidding.