I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus. Yes, you did experience the Love of Jesus’ presence earlier. So, it was indicated that I would talk to you, as I look around the room, at the souls who are here. If you can allow yourselves to stay in a thankful spirit of existence, we will assist you in being more open to the growth of the Father in your lives. In thankfulness, appreciation and humility, this comes from acknowledgement of who we are, as the Father’s children. We are thankful and grateful for the Love and the growth to being open to receive. We are sponges to the Love, as the Love finds lodgment in our souls.

I say this, for you to understand that you can walk in grace and in Love. You can touch each other in appreciation for the love you have here. This special time you have, if you will integrate the Divine Love in every aspect of your existence, you will not lose sight with your connection to the Father. You will feel that Presence in every avenue of your existence. This is possible, regardless of the tasks you may have before you, be they in your business lives or your personal lives, be they in your daily lives, in terms of keeping your households in order, or whether they’re in the soulful contemplations of you praying, fasting or meditating in the woodlands or in the deserts.

You will feel the presence of the Divine Love if you ask to be open to receiving It. I say this, for the Light of the Father and His Kingdom is all available to you if you so put out that desire and if you acknowledge, as well, that you are worthy of receiving this Gift. This worthiness is honed through humble thanksgiving. This worthiness is honed through humility. This worthiness is honed through acceptance. This worthiness is honed through forgiveness – Forgiveness not only of others, but forgiveness of yourselves.

During those times, when there has been false pride, know that God loves all of His children, from the greatest saint to the worst sinner, God loves you all equally. His Gift is available to all of you. If God can show this much compassion, cannot you show at least a fraction of that?

Look around you. If there is anyone you deem who is unworthy of this Love, does that not solicit in you the compassion to say, “This soul, I will pray for more fervently, that the awakening will come to them.” How much effort are they putting in constructing a wall where this Love cannot enter? What pain must they be in that they cannot make themselves vulnerable to God’s Mercy and Love? Know that in the wisdom in making that effort, how much support you will get in terms of worthiness, Love and fellowship.

So, where you may judge, ask for forgiveness for a renewal of faith and hope from that individual, as well as in your perception of them. This is not to say, that you will not be able to identify those deeds that have their origin in evil and disrespect in breaking the Father’s Laws. It is to say that you ask that God’s Mercy be bestowed upon this individual and that His Love come to them that their hearts may be warmed. Ask that the hard, coldness of hate be dissolved. Ask that hope be placed and faith be strengthened, in remembering that this is another child of the Father who needs your love and your compassion and your forgiveness. When you see a quality, we see our fellowship. We see that this is another member of the family, our family whom we need to extend our love. As you grow in this Love and this humility, you will be transformed. You will see that in one way or the other, we all have “feet of clay” and with the mercy and support of the Father’s Love for us, we can be transformed. We can be remolded.

We have the opportunity to change. We can be the “light in the wilderness” that others seek for guidance and show the way to “the Healing Balm that His Love does bring.” We become temples of His Love and walking examples. Our thoughts, our words, how we perceive each other and how we see ourselves are subject to the Domain of the Father. He has appointed sons and daughters of the Light to go about offering an embrace of the Love and support for all God’s children, not just for some.

For in the some, if you are some of those chosen few who are accepted, then you know, that is then you know that as you take on this Love, your job is to extend the arm of that Love in fellowship, acceptance, in gentleness and peace and with the kiss of Divine Love. You are growing and bonding with us and creating a stronger force field of the Divine Love. So, that this kingdom is manifested here, on earth and in the spirit world. More and more are willing to become a part of this new consciousness. I say to you consciousness, for we see you going forward in the Love and not going back into the darkness.

Seek the Love and the hope. Grow in your faith. Know our Father who loves you each. I am your sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus and daughter of our Father, in His Celestial Kingdom of Divine Love. We love you each.
Do not be so caught up in those trials that keep you in worry, that keep you veiled from the clear vision of the Truth. The Love is here. It isn’t going away. It will not be squelched. It will grow to a greater magnitude than you have thought possible.