Allow your soul to resound in the Divine Love. If you will allow yourselves to relinquish the prison of the mind and be open to the greater reality of the soul, you will understand better not only how to master your actions here on earth and those interactions you have with your fellow man, but you will be touch with your soul’s energy and the relationship it plays in expanding your awareness of the Divine Love. The impact it has in building in your soul, your environment and turning your thoughts to a higher purpose. I say this to you for you to really hear me. Really listen and better understand.

When your mind is in ascendancy, you cut yourself off from being in contact with your soul’s desire to know the Truth. You take on the belief systems that have been manifested in the finite earth life. Now, I am not saying that there are some laws that won’t have a bearing on your existence in this world because that would not be true. What I am saying is that there are higher laws that you are privy to if you allow the greater wisdom of the soul to prevail and its natural inclination to seek its Creator and desire to be At-One with Him. Then, you allow the Ministering Grace of the Father to be bestowed upon you and are more accepting and open to the influences of the bright angels endowed with the Love of the Father.

What I am saying to you is that you create an opening whereby we have a greater rapport with you because you are actively using your free will to connect. As we will violate no one’s free will, you are more interactive than you can imagine in the destiny of your soul and the quality of your life on this earth plane and in the next.

Consider this, your mind, given free reign, wonders from one thing to the next. It can go from one train of thought into the other, depending upon whether you are holding higher thoughts or lower, negative thoughts. By this, I mean that if you don’t consciously ask for your soul to be in ascendancy and to be At-One with the Father, there is more of an inclination to go and fixate on the negative aspects of the earth life. There is a tendency to be caught up in the high drama that takes place because of man forgetting that he has a dual nature and relying more upon his baser animal instincts.

So, what I am sharing with you is that your material side can be in greater harmony if you allow the spiritual side to rise in more importance in your life. I am sharing with you that you have been on a starvation diet with your soul. It needs to be replenished and brought into a fullness of health. Too many times, the mind being in ascendancy has brought you to a road where there are no outlets. In your frustration you have cried out as to the plight of your situation.

What I am sharing with you is open your eyes to see that if you hit a “dead end”, perhaps it is time to use other tools that have been given to you. Rely upon a greater calling to allow you to step past those inroads that seem to have not outlet. What I am sharing with you is a system that has no bounds, say your own finite mind’s capacity to try to attempt to go where it has no place.

Your soul and its ability to take on the Substance of the Creator, fuel it with the Infinite Wisdom, Love and Divine Intervention that only the Father’s Divine Love gives. There is no avenue closed to you. There are no heights you cannot attain to.

Consider this, a man may eke out his existence on a small atoll thinking that he is the only one there, with no one to hear, if he can only look no further than his feet. Yet, if he allows his soul to commune with the Father, he is given a vision that expands beyond the level of his feet to his eyes. Rejoicing to the vast vistas in front of him and beyond and above, where there are infinite planes, where there are infinite possibilities, where there is more love, joy, than can ever be imagined. Yet, this and more, much, much more, the Father gives to you, if you will only pray and aspire to come to know Him and be At-One with Him.

In this state of grace there is no condemnation. There is no judgment. There is only mercy and forgiveness and love for all. Would you wish to stay where you are with blinders? Rather, would you like to have the scales removed from your eyes and see how beloved, how prosperous, and how gifted you are with the treasures that have been lying at your feet? They are there to be picked up and utilized. The choice is yours.

See with eyes of Love. Hear with ears of wisdom. Speak with the gentleness of a child whose words are jewels of love. You will have no cares or worries, as you will be cosseted in the Love. The supporters of that Love will be your dutiful friends in the endeavor of turning those souls to the Truth the Light of God brings.

Come into the Light and fulfill you destiny and the truth of your soul’s transformation into the Divine Kingdom of the Father as a true angel transformed by the Love. Be more than who you are or think you are. Become all that is provided for you by the Father, our Creator, who knows you best.

I am your friend and brother, in the Kingdom of the Father, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.