I am here, your grandfather, John Harris.

It is so important for you to understand that we have a strong tradition of prayer in our family, a strong idea of a man’s word, a legacy of the spirit going beyond and being felt as the true essence of a man or a woman. You must put yourself in your words, then the truth will come forth. Be careful what you promise and what you say, for it will be felt for a long time afterwards.

When you come to God, let it be in humbleness. Let it be in song. Let it be full, not in a half-hearted way. This is when you pretend. No one is fooled. So, why waste your time? Time is precious. Put forth your best effort.

The Love of the Father is full here, tonight. Drink deeply of this Love. Yes, it will help you come into your own. Do you not hear the joy? Feel it. There is tenderness here. The heart is felt. There is a lightness. Unburden yourself. Feel yourself carried in a wave of compassion. There is understanding here, empathy and the courage to be who you really are. Take off the masks. There is no place here for it. Let go of fear and doubt. It has no purpose here.

Come forth and stand in the Light. Let God’s Love bathe you, cleanse you, heal you and soothe you. You will be cradled and rocked and find peace. Give yourself up to it. Feel the song of this Love. Let it reverberate throughout your being.

There are no strangers here. We are sacred and joyous in the Love. You have much to gain. Come be made welcome. This path of Love will lead you home. We will be along the trail helping to point the way with a gentle touch, a whisper of encouragement — All reminders, foot prints as it were, on the path to the Divine. You already know the way. Feel the strength of the Love that is here. Know you are welcome.

The nearness of the Father’s Kingdom is at hand. Prepare yourself and be in the Love. Your grandmother wishes you the same. Yes, we are smiling on you each.

I am your grandfather, John Harris, who loves you.