I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus. In order for you to remember to stay true to the Love, shed those things that cause you to go into fear. Your soul, in order to be reborn of the Love, has to let go of the trappings that have kept you isolated. By trappings, I mean those systems that cause you to go into fear and regress into unloving thoughts.

Your soul cannot do this without assistance. No man does this alone, but there are many helping hands that are offered along the way to make this task easier. A key note here is humility. It is in humble humility that we beseech the Father to ask for His Assistance in becoming At-One with Him. The Father being as Loving, Giving and Whole-Hearted as He is does not deny this Love to us.

Drink deeply from the cup offered to you. Know blessedness in worthiness, in innocence in caring and joy that cannot be compared to anything you have in this physical world. Take on those qualities that will have you like unto the Father.

My son took on those attributes. This is more so now than ever before. Yet, he is not God. Consider the light that is shining in your soul from the Divine Love you have, now. Know that even when your soul shines the brightness of the noon day sun, you have much, much further to go to come to the capacity of the Love that will be radiating in your soul as you journey closer to the Fountainhead of the Father’s Love.

In the brightness of that Love, you can try, but you cannot hide from the truth of who you really are. As you come closer in harmony, you will see that Love is something not be measured out, but to be given fully. It is each individual’s individuality, self-worth, and free will to take on the capacity of the Love into their souls to the degree they are open to It. Some drink more deeply and fuller than others. While some take tiny sips. Still, others stand and wait until they believe they have purified and humbled themselves enough to ask for the essence of a drop.

Yet, the Father, in His Love and Mercy, in respecting your free will, allows you each to come at a pace that works for you, individually. He never forces His Love, but waits patiently for you to make that choice. How happy He is when a choice is made. Yet, how loving He is and those benefits that He bestows. He shines the Love forth in Its zenith. As we take on more of that Love and our worthiness grows, we begin to accept ourselves. In that acceptance and learning the lesson, we come to accept others. Acceptance is love.

The Divine Love gets to a point in your soul whereby you can’t help but become more conscious of It. In becoming more conscious of the Love, your heart resounds in joyousness, happiness more than you have known ever before.

Why is it, some of you, my brothers and sisters, forget this and stem the flow of the tide of the Love? Rather than saying, “Father, assist me in staying open to this and more.” They retreat and go back into hiding, for fear that it may be noticed. They seek the approval of others by thinking, “How can I be so privileged and not others?” Rather than keeping their focus on the Father, they go seek the approval of their peers and wonder what they might say, if they appear more content than others do. Rather than seeking to let that joy and Love show forth, they mask it for fear that they will stand out. Rather than sharing the Love and allowing It to flow and spill out to others, they, in their misguided belief in not being worthy enough, hide it. They go into pain and sorrow. As much as they profess to want to Love, they are not above saying that they want to be in control of where the Love might lead them.

There are new areas and vistas that this plane of existence take you to, including your thoughts and how you look at the world. Rather than allowing the Father’s Love to show them the way and teach them the Truth, they go into the mind set of, “This must be wrong because I cannot measure it, spread it, take it apart and put it back together, again. I cannot have it as I would control.”

When you are fully in the Love, you are not in control. The Love is in control. You surrender to the Love. You must know this – For you to be in that moment of being connects you with God. God is your Great Lover and the Creator of Every Perfect Gift in your life.

Let God rule in your life. Come to know, understand and be who you really are. You say you wish to aspire to be like Jesus the Christ. Then own your birthright of being a true child of the Father. Come into the glory of His Kingdom that is here in the now. You will not be lost. You will not falter. When you do stumble, go directly to Him. The answer will be given.

Do not wallow in the darkness, but turn your eyes to the Truth that has been shown to you. You will know all. There are no mysteries here. There is only that which you are open to knowing. You will be touched by Love in such a way that the Truth will be made known to you. Those whom you are generous enough to share the Gift with, for they are the same as you were, the only difference being someone being willing enough to risk reaching out and showing the way.

Give the Love you have been privileged to share to yourself. What I mean by that is live the Love and those things that cause you despair will dissolve, as you come more into the harmony of what is rather than what isn’t.

Remember that God loves you. Be ready to accept that. In every sense of the word, be in the Love. I give you each my love and have you remember what I have said.

May God’s Love and Blessings, be with you. I am your sister and a daughter in our Father’s Kingdom of Divine Love, Mary, the mother of Jesus.