I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

As my son said, have a stronger and deeper faith in the Father’s Love. With this deepening in your faith, pray to know and understand the truth. Your soul will respond as your soul knows the truth. You will partake of this feast before you. Be influenced by the beauty and the Love that is here for you. We want you to experience the bounty of the Divine Love in your lives so that it will be more real to you. You are starting to see the work that we have for you to do. You must make a commitment to truly strive to have a deeper rapport and your commitment to grow and become transformed into that totally new being filled with the Divine Love. This is why it will take consistent and fervent praying, on your part, for it does not happen overnight.

With the lodgment of Divine Love that is already there in your souls, we want an expansion of that Love to take over your animal impulses and appetites. Then your soul will be in the forefront and your mind, the soul’s servant. You will have to allow your soul’s perceptions to be more developed and advanced in hearing the truths. You will be in condition to seek and know and require higher truths. We wish for you to more fully and deeply know your Father and know us.

My son and many of us pray with you for a deeper inflowing of the Love. You must set your will to that of the Father’s and try to become a child of the Father in His Love. Do not let distractions keep you from this. Know that we are working closely with you. Pray to understand and more deeply feel the love we have for you because more joy is coming into your lives. We want an integration to take place that is safe for you on the earth plane. This will be done. You will respond and feel this Love more in your lives. You will know this to be true. The Love continually surrounds you. In the praying, you open up your souls through your free wills.

I humbly, sincerely respond to the Love. We wish for you to be brightened in this bounty of Love. We wish for you to see the beauty and the joy. Let yourselves grow in the Love and you will. How soon that happens is up to you. So, I say, be more fervent in your prayer to the Father. Turn your thoughts to higher things. We love you and will be with you.

With my love and blessings, I am your sister, Mary.