I am here, Autumn, mother. I just want to share with you that we are happy that you are continuing the prayer services. I wish to add our comments that we come to you. We are delighted to have the participation of the children, as well as you and __ in this endeavor.

In regards to __, if he is not in a rapport with us to make the transition of joining in these services, understand that when the time comes and it is important to his soul, he will seek for it and find it.

We each have our own unique relationship with the Father. Another cannot impose his will upon that relationship. What we do seek is to help soften the edges of difference between you and influence you to find the ways that you are powerful, unique and gifted.

If you wish to create a rapport with ____, especially during these services, what his soul is longing for and looking for is the joy in the sharing, not necessarily the disciplinarian that does come out in you.

Let me also share this. Feel the strength of the Father’s Love in your lives. Allow that to be the beacon that shows you the way in the dark. Also be aware that those endeavors that you strive for – Be they in employment, or a greater responsibility in creating a safe, peaceful, place here are being heard and met, in this moment.

There is goodness in the laughter that is here. It has been a tonic that has awakened the souls to the joyousness of life, the possibilities and expressions that carry you in so many ways closer to the Fountainhead of the Father’s Love. The Father is joyous and happy and wishes His children to be such.

It is good that you let go of those things that keep you from fully being in the Love. There is also goodness here in reestablishing the trust that is so necessary for your relationship to flourish.

Five minutes are not enough to speak, but it is enough for now. I will leave you with this. Remember our love. Remember our sharing. Remember it is not so much the age of the individual, as the oneness of his soul to join in union with the Father, as well as the relationship with those souls who seek to go forth and journey in the Love.

This will be the light that shines in each soul that will come to you. They are seeking answers, (not necessarily in the packaging that you would have them, but seeking nevertheless) and finding a cord that is struck that will allow them to open up to receive. Be prepared for that. Show the way.

In this goodness and grace, all matter of possibilities are at hand.

I love you and will come again. I am your brother and son in the Divine Love, Autumn.