It is easy to forget how much your soul needs to have a regular diet of rapport with the Divine Love. It is too easy to get caught up with the activities of this mortal life and forget the nurturment and responsibility of the soul. Yet, that deprivation is felt. You see the impact it causes in your personal lives for that lack is shown through bewilderment and confusion and a lack of groundedness. Yet, when those desires of the soul are met, what a healing takes place. It is the difference between night and day, in terms of your soul fully drinking in the healing and nuturement it receives in the Light of the Father’s Divine Love.

How weak the flesh, how soon we forget. Yet, what an epiphany is brought about when we open our eyes to truly see what is so necessary. What a profound change the Love has in our lives. Go to God and humbly petition to reconnect in the Love. You will not be turned away.

Q: Do you feel the soothing balm of the Love, here today?

A: Yes.

Q: Why then do we allow ourselves to crowd out such a central aspect of our lives? The mind does not rule, here. God’s Love, It has a connection with our souls’ growth and it coming to a state of its full potential is what is necessary here. It brings a full balance of changing the scales in our lives and allowing us to see beyond the veils of these physical shells known as our bodies, to the greater glory of the soul.

Your soul, as it revels in the Love, acquires an innate knowledge and desire to follow the Will of God. You are so much in need of this manna from Heaven. You have such a healing that takes place.

Q: I do not feel at this time that you will allow such a fast of none participation to take hold of you again? Am I correct in this assumption?

A: Yes.

You, who are transformed in the Love, and privy to Its blessings, are conscious of the Father’s Mercy and what a Merciful Father He is. There are no grudges held, save those you impact upon yourself through the Law of Compensation. If you wish to remove those causes, upon which it is acting, take on more of the Divine Love and be purged and healed. Acquire a new beingness where you reside in the Love. There will be nothing but honor, peace and this wellspring centering in you. You will exude such a quality of goodness and love, that those small matters, (and I say small matters, for they are in comparison to the greatness that is yours as redeemed children in the Love), as I said, those small matters will cease to have the impact on you that they have gained because of the lack of centering and stability that the Love brings to you.

Your fear will be abated, as you trust more in the Father. You will not be so overwhelmed as to allow yourself to have the company of those spirits who will feed upon your insecurities. You will place yourself in a better rapport with those spirits who will assist you in your progression. You will feel richness in culture and spirit. Yes, your mind will be fed, as well.

As you see more vistas opening before you, acknowledge the company that is here and the companions you have in the Love. This will bode you well. You will be steadfast in the Love. In seeking for the Love, It will be given to you. Those individuals who have that capacity of the Love in them will strike a deeper rapport with you, as well.

Allow this to transcend those misunderstanding and disharmonies that crop up because of the mind screaming to be in the lead. Yet, when it surrenders to the soul, and knowing its place, what peace there is.

Walk along this path and you will not be disappointed. We have much to teach you. It is well that you listen. In becoming you, experience being and that, as well as better knowing your Father is what we are here to share with you.

Feel the Love. Dwell in the Love. Be cosseted by the blessings of the Love. Allow your hearts to swell. We see that a healing will be sustained, here. Pray to receive a stronger degree of faith and you will not falter. Believe in what I have said, here.

It is good to feel the souls here and know that you have recommitted yourselves. Share this Love with each other. Give thanks to your Heavenly Father for His Love.

With His Love, I go. I am your friend and brother in the Divine Love, a true follower as my heart is content and my soul is at peace in the realms of my Father’s Home. I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.