Two Souls Wandered Once alone, two souls wandered through time,
Searching so desperately, their counterpart to enshrine.
The days were long and the years passed on,
Until one day they crossed and heard each heart’s song.

Life took on meaning and purpose to find,
As each held the other, their souls to ever shine.
A great purpose, an eternal plan was given,
For two so loving, a world to span was driven.

A call in the dark, a need to be filled,
Now two brought together to shine for the world.
Working together with love for each other,
Helping mankind to see, as his spirit flutters.

A gift of truth has been their life long theme,
Now united they stand, to achieve a lasting dream.
Together they dream, of love and life eternal,
As words spill forth, to shake men’s hearts internal.

A purpose for two, to see such a need,
To encourage the meek, to plant a living seed.
Life is searching and learning truths of life,
Seek and find these words, for you to end all strife.

Copyright 2000 Donald D. Campbell