There are times when you must let go of those things that keep you from manifesting the Love in your lives. Yes, you hold on when it no longer serves you. Ask for mercy for the removal of anything that is keeping you from being in the Love. Ask for the removal of the causes of disharmony that you may be holding on to.

As you pray and be in the Love, there will be dislodgment of those things that no longer serve. Trust in the Love. Trust in God and allow the letting go to occur. Know that as you are letting go, you are allowing your higher nature to lead you. Your higher nature that comes into greater harmony with the Father’s Will quickly meaning that as you open up to your soul’s guidance, your soul is opening up to the Father’s Guidance and the Love.

As you pray for the Divine Love to enter your soul, It is transforming that soul and becoming the source of its guidance. So, pray more for the Divine Love to fill your soul and transform you. Pray more for your soul to be in ascendancy over your mind. Pray more for God’s Will to be in the forefront of your life. Know that as God’s Will leads you, your will and your desires come into harmony. You are not going to go kicking and screaming. You are going to go in Love. Your mind is going to realize that as it trusts more on the faith and the Love, it will be lead into greater bliss and more joy.

As the mind takes second place to the soul, the mind and the soul gain more happiness. So, the next time you find your mind saying no, I can’t do this or no, I shouldn’t do that or no, that’s not for me, ask it to put the soul in ascendancy.

As I was saying, the Love leading you will satisfy your soul and in turn, your mind will realize that there is greater happiness and joy in your life. So, allow the soul to be in the forefront of your being and the soul to be in connection with your Heavenly Father. You will find more joy, more happiness, more renewing in your life which will lead you to the areas and the places to do the work that your soul is longing to do.

Trust in the Love. Ask for mercy and then give thanks. Our loving Father loves us each dearly. He is assisting us more than we realize, much more.

Thank you for your love and your time.

I am your friend and brother, Mark, of the Bible who is with you from time to time and is assisting you. You can call upon me and I will come and help.