I am here, Jesus. I want to talk about the Love Divine. You have a course laid before you that will lead to the Celestial Kingdom of the Father. As a transformed soul in the Divine Love that path will widen and more will travel on it, the more focused you are on the importance of this great task before you.

We, who have helped assist and guide you on the way, wish to say as you will focus more on the Love and prayer, yes, more avenues will be open to you in this pursuit, not only for a healing center, the bookstore, the coffee shop, but also in terms of helping to set up other satellites of this nature. It will be a foundation for others to take on this endeavor.

You must know the importance of the work that is here. It will be a framework for others to carry out the work. Therefore, I insist that you see how very important it is for you to unwaveringly focus on this great task. Those other needs of yours, those other wishes and desires have not gone unnoticed. We are supplying you with those persons who will help you in creating this endeavor.

So, do not put holds or stops on their souls’ love in following the Truth, but encourage them. Meet with them. Share with them. Grow in this great congregation of souls. We said to you a few years ago that your numbers would increase. You are realizing this fact. The more you come into worthiness, the more you are open to receiving, and the more you let go of how this is being brought about.

Feel the Love and know that you have the support and guidance of a celestial host who will assist you in the Father’s Plan for the Salvation of Mankind. Do not be afraid to utilize the web and other sources to bring about what you are asking for. We would not have placed the idea with you if it would not be possible to have a fruition of its existence.

Trust and pray to see the worthiness and the part that you will play in this endeavor. Trust in the Father. Have faith. Be who we see you to be.

My love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, a partaker in the Father’s Great Gift of Immortality, which with sufficient prayer and aspiration, you will see manifested in your lives, as well.