I am here, Jesus.

I ask you to pray more sincerely to receive the Father’s Love, to understand the concept that is here, which is why we have been laying this foundation. It is not enough to say that you pray to receive the Divine Love of the Father. You must truly feel it, truly feel the Love in all aspects of your life. If you can deeply feel the Love, you will not be in such a hurry to get up and get on with other things. For this is the reason why you are truly here. If you are fully feeling the impact of the Love in your souls, you will want more. It will not be a chore to be gotten over with in order to go unto other things.

This will be such a great joy for you that you will want and eagerly look forward to the next time, when you pray to receive the Love and the joy. So, if you are worried that you are into the intellect and not fully into your soul trying to receive the Love, use this as a barometer. You will then see whether or not you are truly in a space of reverence and communicating with your Creator, our dear Father, (your purpose for being).

I ask that you think of this next time you are caught up in the other distractions you have on this earth plane. If you really want to change, you will. You will be open to our influences. Ask for help. No one can do it alone. I had help as well.

I will come to you when I can or send another soulful, devoted, messenger in my place. Feel the Love. Experience who you really are. Revel in the beauty of this moment. Experience the kingdom here on earth.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus.