I am here, your sister and friend, Mary the mother of Jesus. There are times when you need to go the Father to get answers to those things that are troubling you. There are to many times when we allow our minds to take over and run our lives. Rather than asking for the soul’s knowledge, which has a relationship to the Father, to seek to know the Truth.

When you allow your soul to be in ascendancy over your mind and ask for your mind to be in accord with the Will of the Father’s, you allow yourself to be in tune with not only the Father’s Divine Love, but also the Wisdom of the Christ Spirit. This will dictate your relationships, your actions, your thoughts and the direction that you’re following.

It matters not, the actions of another, in terms of your response.

What does matter is your responsibility in your relationship with God and your accountability for your actions and how you live your life.

Too many times we are more inclined to blame another for our circumstances and the direction our lives are taking. What we need to look at is ourselves. If you can share the Love, exemplify the Love, you will be a calm oasis in a sea of rough weather.

I am sharing with you to let the Father be your anchor. Remember to ask for mercy and a strengthening in your faith. You will grow in the Love and attract those situations that will be most conducive for the growth, not only of you personally, but of those of your loved ones, as well. Their souls will seek out and respond to that Love and that harmony. You will create a force field that will raise the emanation of light around you and influence those close to you.

So, pray for protection. Seek first the Love of the Father and His Kingdom and all else will follow. Feel the Love. Acknowledge the peace that is residing herein. Know that we love you and are praying for you, as well.

With my love and blessings, I am your sister and friend, Mary the mother of Jesus, a redeemed daughter in the Christ Spirit, of which you are each aspiring. Be in the Love.