I am here, Gabriel and though I may be addressed by some as Archangel, Gabriel. Yet, I a child of the Father, as are you. The master, Jesus, is present as well. Though I am blessed with this opportunity to speak to you. It is so important for the souls of humankind to understand that yes, this is a time where they are more aware and gentle to their fellow man. Yet, if more emphasis could be placed upon those receiving the Gift of Everlasting Life, the Divine Love, and more souls come to this great gift, then flock of the Good Shepherd would have no measure.

Yes, a gift to the body assists the body for only so long. Then, there is a need for more sustenance. How more everlasting is that food of the soul, the Divine Love, which lifts us bodily from the shackles of the earthly life and begins to prepare it for its longer journey into the eternity of the soul in its path to the Creator?

I share this with you for there to be a greater effort on your parts of sharing this truth that you have been blessed with. How many times have you known the comfort of the Divine Love that has helped you find the way through the confusion of this earth plane? How many times have you been uplifted and enjoyed the radiance of the Love and its illuminating qualities that have helped you to change your thoughts of anger, low self-esteem and self-worth?

You, who have the privilege of this gift and who have utilized it, what greater gift than to share it with others. Yes, there may be some that will only scoff. Yet, at a time in the future, their souls will remember and be ready to respond to a greater life.

So, I am sharing with you, what have you done to polish those so-called halos lately, in terms of sharing the gift of the Divine Love? I am speaking as one who as a companion and friend of our beloved, Jesus, has seen his frustration and his suffering as so many forget the message he was trying to share, the Gift of the Father. He is so discouraged by the continual worship of him as the One.

He was privileged to be the “mouthpiece,” as well as the great example of what the Divine Love can do to the soul of man. Yes, if his example is followed, you too will receive those great gifts, which are only the beginning of the soul reborn in the Love.

Can you imagine a whole city with these transformed souls? Can you imagine a whole country filled to the brim with these transformed souls? Can you imagine a nation filled to the brim with these transformed souls? Can you imagine the whole world filled with these transformed souls? It is but your free will and those of others to choose to bring the Kingdom manifested here in the realm of man.

Can you imagine all souls in the harmony of the Love? Imagine the power of that profound Love emanating in all of the spheres. We have so much given to us and the right to choose. What will be your choices? They start with this moment. You have been empowered and given the keys to the Kingdom. You have much support.

Remember no one does this alone. We have the Love, incentive and encouragement from our Beloved Creator behind us. What more could you ask?

Remember what I have said.

I am your friend in the Kingdom of the Father’s Divine Love, Gabriel.