I say, tonight, that your family is in a higher level of consciousness and soul development. This pleases us. The continuity of your continued prayer and soulful aspirations, makes us more eager to work with you, in terms of sharing the Love and instructing you to become better followers of the Master, Jesus the Christ and full co-equals in the work the Father has for us to do.

In sharing this Love with the rest of our fellow man and understand, as I know you will know, this Love is open to everyone, regardless of their religion, race, political affiliation, from the lowest to the highest, from the mighty to the weak. This Love is open to all. So, you must learn more tolerance and pray more fervently to be in the Love. By this I mean not to turn a “blind eye” to the sinful ways of others. It is to say that you have looked within and seen you failings to know a commonality with your fellow man. This is also to say that with what you have experienced in life, and the lows and the hardships that have come your way, you are and have been spared, as well as blessed in the redemption of your soul.

You are now in a higher place than you have been in quite a long time. You are evolving to greater and greater realms of the Love. This is possible for all. The empathy that you have developed, (yes, it is being developed) and the more that you can see your own failings, and still know how much you are loved, you can carry this over to share with those who, if it were not for the Love, you might overlook.

I only emphasize this, at this time, to have you better understand the different levels of humanity, the different levels of spirits whom we deal with on a daily basis. The more we can get you in harmony, the more we can get you to be able to lay a strong foundation in the Truth of the Father’s Love to prepare you here, in this sanctuary, so that you can meet the challenges that will be before you, tomorrow. For you to be able to go out and share the Truth of the Love, you must have a strong foundation to be firm in this Love and to be unshaken. Many will try to dislodge you from what you know to be the Truth.

What we are saying is, that as long as you can remember how to stay in the Love and to pray for help from the Heavenly Father, then it will not matter what the challenge will be. You will be ready to meet it. Understand that I say this to you for you to understand that in order to grow in the Love, in order for you to make something of this Great Truth that you have come to know, you must go out and share it with the rest of the world.

It is not to be hoarded. It is not to be locked away. It is not some secret belonging only to you and yours. If this were the case, where would you be if someone didn’t take the time to open up and extend a hand to you? This isn’t to say that there will not be times of rejection, for there will be. It is to say that you will not experience the next level of growth unless you extend yourself and put yourself more in the forefront and let the Love do the work. You are not doing this alone. You have many angels to assist you. You must be grounded in your faith and know how much this means to a soul who has been hungry for years to hear the Truth and the doors to be open to them.

So, I ask you to more fervently pray. Ask for help. Yes, come to know the Father more. Seek out that relationship with the Father and know a wonderful, joyous experience. There is nothing to replace it. I only share this with you as one who has seen with the soul’s perceptions, the magnitude and beauty of the Love. We so want you to experience more of this. So, I say to you this, “Prepare ye the way.” “The Father’s Will will be done.”

With my love and blessings, I am your brother and friend, Luke, apostle of Jesus and follower of our master in the Celestial Kingdom. The Father has provided for you. Welcome! We have much work to do.