I am here, your brother, Jesus. You don’t have to feel shy to open up to the Grace of the Father. The Father, patiently, watches and waits. He is so delighted when you remember and respond by asking Him for the Love. Oh, the Love of the Father, how much you revel in it. Yet, it is amazing how long you will let yourself be caught up in the “dance of this world” before you remember your truer nature and allow it to shine forth.

Why is it that mankind will continually try to consume and fill up with so many nonsensical things? The one, true, thing will be left by the wayside, until there is a crisis or emergency. Then, the great missiles of pleas for forgiveness and resolving to change become a litany.

Of course, the Love comes and is here, only waiting for you to awaken and respond to It. What will you do to help you remember, to help you grow? You, obviously, can’t do it alone. It’s so obvious.

There are so many souls willing to assist, but you must ask for the assistance. The Father sees your needs. He knows what is in your heart. When will you trust enough to truly believe and have faith in the transforming Grace of His Love? You are supremely loved.

Grow in the Light. Come into a new day for you. In this heart-felt time of remembrance, your souls will shine forth, if you can remember what your true nature is and go to the Source of allowing that wonderful Gift to be yours.

You, remember to share in the Love. You have been given an opportunity. Please don’t ignore it. The Father’s Healing Energy is also creating a bond that will be felt by many individuals. Yet, on a collective front as well, you allowing this Love to shine forth and find lodgment in your soul will create an attraction with other souls who will readily respond to connect to something greater than themselves.

The Father’s Love will propel you to make those necessary changes so that you will remember. Rather than pause, it will be a reflection to seek for more and more will be given. Give your love and dwell in the House of the Lord. You will be very blessed, indeed. The Father loves you. Remember that.

I am your friend and brother in the Divine Love, Jesus the Christ, who reminds you to pray, receive and pray some more. With my love, I leave you.