I am here B—,

… The Love is so wonderful here. I have so much joy in my life now. I do not feel the frustrations that I felt [on earth]. I am truly grateful to the Father for His Love.

I would ask you this. I would ask you not to stop in your prayer times. As you can, increase those times, because it is so powerful when we are joined in prayer together. The coming together of those souls helps them to progress in the Love. I ask that you remember the importance here. The important focus is your relationship with the Father and the nurturing of your soul.

Do you hear that girls [(children)]? We are saying nurturing your souls, which is more important than this silliness that is happening. Think about your soul. As much as you want chocolate candy, think about your soul. This is more satisfying than that. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy the Love that is here.

Close your eyes. Open your hearts. You can feel the Love here. Feel the joy that is here for you. This is what your life should be more focused on. That’s not to say that you should neglect any of your playtime. It’s to say how important it is for you to fully experience your full potential. You are so lucky, so wise beyond your years, You have incarnated in a household that regularly prays for the Divine Love.

If you take up this Love, as part of your life’s work and focus it on your life’s work well, you’ll experience the Kingdom here on earth. Do you know that you have that potential here? If you really get clear that this is what you want, you’ll experience the Father’s Kingdom here on earth made manifest. You will change this field of existence that you live in. You have a right to this. It is your free will that chooses.

Call upon us for assistance. We are so happy to be here and do this. Well, of course, of course we will do everything we can to help accelerate this Love and this growth. You filled with the Love, showing an example of how this Love reflects in your lives. Oh, to share this Love, for it to be real, not an imitation, not a facade, but truth real for you in every aspect of your life. Ask for the integration of this Love. I ask that you as the parents of these children set a better example of the Love. Pray to feel the Love, the joy.

I ask that yes, you get a web page. Share this truth with as many people as you can. Do not be in fear, for you will be supported. Do not think you are alone because you are not. You know that you are not. Distance means nothing to us. It is but a thought away. I truly want you to feel happiness and joy and grow in the Love.

Understand what it means to me to see how far you have come. Also, I see the progression that is in your soul. You have much Love in your soul and it needs to be demonstrated a little more with more tolerance and patience. Oh, just feel the Love. Feel the wonderful Love that is emanating here. Yes, this can truly be a sanctuary of Love if you can remember how special this moment is, how special you really are, who you really are. Oh your Father, so connected to your Father know that His words of Love are to be spoken to many. Understand this. When you share these truths, it is not just you going forth. It is you being open to the Love that is here. It is you understanding that you are being used as a medium to teach the truth of the Love. So many souls are hungry for this, so many. If you will but share this Love, I ask you to do this. Understand that if you do not, you will never forgive yourselves when you come over to this side. There is so much work to do and there are so many souls out there just waiting for this opportunity of the Love to come into their hearts and souls.

So, understand what it truly means to be a divine angel of the Father. You will not sit on your hands. You will not rest. You will understand what is before you and the need to give this Love and to share it.

I love you and will come again. With my love and blessings, I am your brother, B—. –Yes, I have met Jesus. I am so happy. He is so wonderful. Oh, it’s so delightful. I must say, I don’t need glasses anymore. Yes, I feel fulfilled in so many ways, as will you. Come to the Love. Know the Father and understand that we are a team.

With my love and blessings, I am B—.


I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Well, I am happy that B— spoke to you, as he has been wanting to for a while and this seemed the best opportunity for you to share with each other. I am also happy to see the greater generation of Love that is here. For this is the third day. Feel the Love. It permeates the atmosphere despite your attempts at not being fully in the Love. Yes, the disharmony dissipated. It is because the higher law of Love and Rapport allows for the Father’s Mercy to be in effect. It relinquished its hold upon you and the others. I ask you to keep this in mind when you remember how important it is for you to pray. Ask for your soul to be in ascendancy and for God’s Love to prevail upon you all.

I bless you and hope you will remember this. I look forward to prayers at 11:00 P.M. With my love and blessings, I am your sister and friend, Mary, a follower of our master, Jesus the Christ in the Celestial Heavens and a great, great lover of the Father and His Divine Love. It is really transforming you. Feel the transformation. Ask to be close to this and conscious of this Love with every step you take, with every thought you have and with all your aspirations. So my sister, my fellow worker, we are one in the Love. Trust in this Love, now and always. Bless you all.