I am here, Joshua, of the Old Testament.

You must fully realize the importance of these meetings that we have with you. Understand that you need to be firmly grounded in your faith and in the Love, for us to be able to communicate with you, (in terms of messages, on the level of which you anticipate). There is some groundwork that needs to be done here.

Yes, you are praying more often. I ask for you to pray more deeply to feel the Love and to understand the opportunity that is open here. Think. Do. Be. Say. Exist in the Love. Make the work that you do, simple tasks that they may be an offering exemplifying the Love. See yourselves actively participating in the Love atmosphere that you wish to create here. Remember the creative thoughts and words and actions. See yourselves as being in the Love. You will make that state more manifest here. You will grow more deeply and soundly in the faith. You will have more faith in the Father’s Love. You will have more faith in the transformation His Love does bring. Know happiness in the peace that you have and fully experience the Father’s Kingdom here on earth.

Yes, I will take the time to spend with you and share more deeply, what the Love really is, on a more personal level. You must understand this, if you wish to get to the bottom, in terms of eradicating all that is not in harmony. You need to be prepared to ask for mercy. Much lodgment has found a place, in each of you, that needs to be dissipated and eradicated for the Love to heal. Which means that you need to ask for mercy and also to forgive somebody who has trespassed against you or who you thought has trespassed against you. You need to make yourself fair and open and face what you have not wished to face before. This will mean even that, of what you have just thought. Yes, that and more.

Ask for the mercy of the Father to be with you. Ask for a greater understanding of why you are really here and what your purpose is. Ask for that purpose to be fulfilled.

I will come again, with my love and blessings. I am your friend and a follower of the master, Joshua of old.