I am here Melchizedek, a true follower of our master Jesus the Christ. Each individual has a souls responsibility to take those steps necessary for the health of their souls and their relationship to God. Our Heavenly Father is a loving, benevolent being who provides for His children. His laws are in place to ensure that harmony reigns. Just as his laws are there to ensure that if there be disharmony, it be brought into balance and that balance is dependent upon each individuals right of free choice. Where a soul finds itself in a state of being at opposites of His laws of rapport and harmony, then that soul is subject to the laws of compensation. The laws of compensation are not in place to punish an individual soul as it is to cleanse and purge the soul from those things that keep it from being in harmony. And so depending upon your point of view those individuals who create negativity may influence those around them in the negativity will be brought into harmony by the law of compensation. And the Father in His Love and Mercy has removed the causes that act upon and are influenced through this purging by the higher law of Divine Love. And when a sufficient amount of the Divine Love has found lodgment in the soul, it acts as a catalyst to remove the disharmony and repel its effects putting the soul into a higher plane of existence. This does not happen over night but is a gradual process and yes, compensation comes mercifully to those as they progress as they will also remember what is and isn’t in harmony and set about those things to rectify the state of their soul. So the Father acts in Mercy for those souls who trespassed upon the harmony and state of being in the Father’s universe.

Let me also share this with you. The more cumulative Divine Love in your soul, the more you will be made uncomfortable by circumstances that are in less harmony. And you will actively seek to bring about a balance and for a healing to take place. For this is the law of progression and it has an effect upon each individual soul whether they be in the lowest hells or closer to the Fountainhead of the Father. For you will not be at peace and will find no refuge when you seek to hide. Blessings and yes I say blessings that have been put before you. Think of where you were a few months ago, several years ago and your state of existence. And I don’t mean just physical existence but the existence of your soul and see the journey that you have made. For there have been keystones and landmarks all along the way. And there have been times when we have intervened on your behalf and there have been times when we have let you go along your way where you yourself have managed to stumble. And yet, for the Mercy of the Father, pick yourself up and be able to continue. So I’m making you aware of not only your responsibility for your souls condition but those around you who are influenced by you. We are not perfect yet, but we strive for it. For the Father is Perfect and in His Perfection Love reigns supreme. For the Divinity of His Soul and the state of bliss of that Divinity we are sorely attracted to. And so your souls longings go out and we hear the cries and the pleadings and the prayers that you have sent forth. Understand this, we love you, even when you aren’t your most perfect selves. And we have faith in you and that is why we continue to come back and share with you, and pray with you, and urge you to pray more. For we know your potential and we are given some aspects of some of the highlights of the path that you have chosen. So remember to find a balance and be in harmony. It is no easy task to walk this earth and yet there are guideposts as well as messengers who come to you, such as I today, to assist you in your endeavors and encourage you and give you hope. We are here and never far away. Feel the Father’s Love and know that you are provided for. Pray tonight as a group and have harmony reign here for this family is very special to us. With our love and blessings and to the many spirits who come to visit “behold the spirits before you and go to them, for they know you – and open your eyes to them for they are family as well – go in peace”. I am your brother and friend Melchizedek, a beloved son of our Father and companion to our master Jesus the Christ.