Know the inflowing of the Love that has taken over your soul. It is there to an extent that tears you away from those thoughts and desires that are of the earthly existence. The inflowing of the Love propels your soul to seek and find that which it most desires, to return to the Father. This is a state of awakened individuality and free choice. This does not make it dependent, but independent. Yet, knowing and trusting that the faith in the Father and His Love is all that is necessary for its future happiness.

It may be that as this Love comes more into your lives and you drop those things that no longer serve in your progression, that you embrace new habits and talents that are conducive to a greater state of your soul’s rejoicing in the Love. You also may be aware that with this greater inflowing of the Love, you have attracted like souls who are more than willing to share this Love with you and ascend in their progression.

There is a necessary part of your existence where, through the Law of Attraction, you are allowed the company of those souls who will most help you, as you grow and exist in a higher state of consciousness in the Love. Those things that your soul endeavors to accomplish and carry out will be more readily sought. As well as find fruition in those tasks that you seek to accomplish. More souls will be brought into play in making this possible.

You will also understand to a better degree what it is that you need to do. The tools will be made available to you. You will have no problem in implementing them, as your soul’s desires become focused on a higher prize, to a greater purity as you ascend beyond those earthly desires that have kept you in a state of unfocused existence and meandering accomplishments.

So, I would say to you to give thanks to the Father for clearing up any murky waters that you may have found, you are more inclined to be in. Thank your Heavenly Father for what has been brought about by your soul’s longings and the influence of the Love being made manifest in your life.

Come to know and utilize all of those parts of your many gifts and talents that you have been endowed with. They will further help you succeed in finding and carrying out those goals that will assist you and us in the Father’s Plan.

Give thanks for this Love and embody It on all levels of your existence. Trust with your heart and soul. Reap the bounty that is here for you. You have our love.

I am your friend and brother in the Love, the Divine Love of our Father, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens, an awakened son of the Father.