I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

You know that there are times when we pray deeply with you. We see such a change in your souls, the Love emanating from you. There are other times when we see that you are distracted and though you pray, the Love really does not find lodgment. I want to share with you that if you are going to pray, make the effort to be fully there, in the prayer. See that prayer reaching up to the Father. Fill yourselves with the Love. You must be fully into the prayer, with your faith strong in the belief that you will receive the Love, in order for the essence of the Father to find lodgment in your soul. Understand what I say when I say this to you. If you are busy thinking of other things, the prayer is meaningless. You must fully put your faith in what you are saying because you are actually communing with the Father. The Father can see in your heart, your sincerity, or not.

I want you to fully be present when you pray. Fully be there. Fully reap the benefits of the Love. You are in a changing mode, a metamorphous. Yes, some things may appear to be painful. However, think of it this way. You are dislodging something that has had root in you for some time. It does not easily want to give way and be healed. Yet, because of the longing in your souls, it will continue to be pruned. It will continue to be dislodged. Just as some weeds have strong roots, some beliefs take longer to be dislodged. Although some of it may be dislodged, we may not have gotten all of the root. So, some is still there to continue to fester. Think of that when you think of those pains that you have been experiencing and getting at the cause. Ask to know the truth of what it is that you are holding onto that is hard for you to see. Ask, ‘what is the lesson here?’ You will find the answer if you are ready to deal with it.

Continue to have faith. Ask for mercy so that a healing takes place for you, [and that the dislodging to continue.] In its place, ask for a healing and that the Love encompasses you. The Love will occupy that space. Ask that the Love cleanses you and impresses upon you and brings your spirit to a higher plane so that you are lighter, more joyful and more positive and more at peace. Ask for our help. You will not be able to do it all by yourself. Know this, as you ask for help and you humble yourself, the help will be there for you.

It is pride that keeps you from fully being into the Love. Ask for mercy and a healing on this false pride that does not serve you. In order for you to be transformed as a divine angel, understand that you can not do it alone. We who are divine angels have done what you are doing. It was with the help of the Father that we were transformed. We made our will subject to that of the Father’s.

In order to partake fully of His Essence, know the Will of the Father. You have to give up what (or who) you thought you were. By that, I do not mean to say that you are no longer the individual. I mean the concept, ‘Who we thought we were, which really was not us to begin with, but a false belief of who we really were.’ We are more our true selves than ever before.

You need to understand the limitations of your mind that fully keep you from participating in the Love, the bathing and the transformation. Ask that your soul be in ascendancy over your mind. Your soul will be in the lead, in terms of the transformation of love. It is with that understanding that you will more fully be transformed in the Love. You will open up to such a well-spring of Love, that you are transformed from the inside-out.

Though you may not be aware of all the manifestations that are taking place with you on the physical, know that your soul is becoming brighter and more loving. You will feel the transformation take place on a thought level. Those thoughts that you have had that have not been in harmony will be changed so that they will make themselves felt during those times when you may consider going into disharmony. The thought will be there, ‘Is this the way to the Light and the Love?’ ‘Am I being an example of that Love?’ It will stop you. It will stop you from continuing to go on that habit that has been in disharmony. It will cause a pause. It will cause you to consider because you will not be doing a blind act. You will be confronted with, ‘Is this in the Love or not?’ Then you will make a choice, a conscious choice to either continue or to cease and take another route. This will be a way for you to fully see.

You are being transformed. You are being made aware. You are making conscious choices to be in the Love or not. So, understand this: although you may not appear to your peers to be changed, yet you are changing on a more subtle level. This will be felt more and more for you on this earth plane, in this earth life, by you changing your habits and your thoughts and your actions. So, understand that you help, in this transformation, in bringing about the Kingdom in your life’s experience. Here on the earth plane, by praying for the Divine Love, you are asking to be changed. You are being open to allowing that transformation to take place in you.

You have an active part in this. It will be manifested to you in so many ways. Stop, pause, and see what you are doing now that you weren’t doing before. What are you doing less? Ask to feel our influence. Ask to be in rapport with us. Ask to feel the Love and know it will be made so. We care about you. We love you. We fully applaud the growth that you have made in your lives. We will be assisting you, especially now. Trust in us and in the Father’s Love. Know that we will help you. Grow in the Love. Dance to the joy. Feel the presence of a Father’s gift to you, as you walk, as you speak, as you think. You have choices to make. Make the right ones and be filled with the grace of the Father.

I am your sister and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus, celestial angel and a dear daughter of our Father’s Love.

I invite you to join with me and fully take on the responsibility of being transformed in the Love of the Father. With my blessings, I leave you.


I am here, Jesus.

I am glad that my mother spoke to you. Understand that you have a responsibility beyond the guidance of your parents to fully partake in the Love that the Father has to offer to you. You have a responsibility beyond your allegiance with your spouse, beyond the allegiance with your family to fully take responsibility for your soul’s relationship to the Father and coming to know him.

I ask you each to reintroduce yourselves to the Father and to give Him your love. Understand that this unique relationship is yours and yours alone. Yes, we pray together. I fully enjoy praying with you. I also go directly to my Father to be in rapport with Him. It is unsurpassed. I ask you to seek for that relationship. Enjoy it and fully nurture it. You will not be disappointed in the many benefits that you reap.

Our Father is so generous in His bounty. We adore and love Him. Come to know Him as we do. It is such a joy beyond measure. You will reflect that Love. Think of it, true partakers in the Love in knowing your Father. I welcome you to that joyous relationship. I will be your true brother then.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus.