Do not take the gift of the Divine Love and the impact It has in your lives, lightly. What I mean is that you have each been endowed with talents and abilities that have been developed. The influences that the Love has had in your lives have brought these to the forefront. We each grow in our own ways, collectively and separately. We each also need to acknowledge that in this diversity there will be times when you may have to let go in order to allow another one to grow. Growth for you may be a different issue for another.

What this is, is a letting go of a feeling of dependency. Yet, when we turn and focus to the Father and His Divine Love, he provides us with much support, many insights, as well as those who come into our lives to point things out and assist in ways that we have not even begun to imagine. What is needed is an opportunity to come to know the Love and make it your own. In making the Love your own, not only are you uplifted beyond the mediocrity of the mortal life, but you go through a metamorphosis that changes you, that shakes you bare, that hones you and allows to rise those talents, those powers, those gifts that will best express the soul in its pristine state of Love.

See the necessity of this growth. Ask for mercy and humility when the truth of the Love becomes an aspiration that is fulfilled. Ask for support and know that it will be given to you. Go to the Father and receive the answers you need. Do not look to another, even if they may seem more favored than you. It is all right to ask for assistance, but remember there will come a time when it is just your soul and that of the Father’s. That will be all that is necessary.

Your love that has carried you to this point will be matched by a greater Love in strength and steadfastness that will be unwavering in Its hold upon you and what is and is not being infused by the glory of the Father in His Divine Love.

Feel those shackles that keep you stuck that weigh upon you to such a degree that you turn away in uncertainty and anguish. Humble yourself enough to go to the Father and beg His Mercy. His Ear is open to the least of us. The Joy He renders is beyond the scope of your mere mind. Allow your soul to leap forth in a mighty expression of grace and resilience. Feel the ever encompassing birthright of your soul’s rebirth as you join in the Christ Spirit made manifest and take on those attributes that will fit you for a high place in the Father’s Kingdom.

None of us has done this alone. All of us have received assistance in one form or another. So, see that you understand that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and assistance. Do not be foolish enough to think that it is by any mere efforting on any of our parts alone. It is the Mercy, Grace and Divine Intervention of the Father that allows us to stand here before you and share this with you now.

Rejoice in these glad tidings! You are each a part and a full member in the participation and expansion of this Love to be available to all who are ready to hear this. Allow your soul to eagerly be met, swabbed and bathed in this force field of Love and Light.

Come to know with unshakable faith and a powerful voice to be touched in the Light and allow to shine upon the hearts and souls of your fellow men the Love, delight, and joy of your inheritance of the Kingdom of the Father, here and now.

Be joyful. We are as we share these tidings with you.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Melchizedek, redeemed son and joyful heart that loves to share the good news. My blessings, I am your friend who will share again, Melchizedek.