Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. I am referring to the path that leads to the Celestial Heavens. We go through rituals and ceremonies. Yet, all it takes is one soul longing to be At-One with the Father. This sharing goes beyond language. Yet, that connection is so powerful. The Father hears and responds. Sincere and earnest longing with soul communication to Soul. Divine Love readily responds.

Why is it that we complicate our lives with so many indulgences? How is it that we gratify those earthly wants and desires and forget about that part of us that will prevail long after the body has returned to dust? What have your soul’s longings been today? Have you felt the connection with your Father and the Divine Love? Where have your thoughts been, primarily focused? Was it in this service or somewhere else? Who do you think has the most to gain or the most to lose in this endeavor? Well, I have not posed that question to elicit guilt on your part but just to make you aware of the need for more balance and the needs of the soul, which needs more attention. Oh, if you would but remember that, how much easier your lives would be.

The Father loves to care – A soul asking to be met with His Love and a response is always forthcoming. Whether or not you propel yourself in the direction of the Heavenly Kingdom or not, you will reap the benefits you sow given the many tools that have been offered to you and your knowledge of the Truth. Whether you squander what has been presented to you and the ways to bring about manifesting that kingdom and the rapidity in which you find yourself in that state of beingness is solely the responsibility of you and you alone. Whether you have asked for the help that is here and readily offered or if you dismissed it seeking other earthly things. Yet, the surprising thing is that in the pursuit of your soul, of your soul’s longing, so much more is added on to you. It is so foolish of man to not heed what is said here more seriously. Yet, the Father has blessed each of us with a free will. We are continually making choices.

Try an experiment today. Every 15 minutes, turn your thoughts to God and being At-One with Him. Ask for assistance and staying in that state. You can still carry out those things that you need to do in the daily routine of your life. Make a note, the following day, of how your soul responds and notice the increased availability of support from the spirit realms, in your state of happiness. This will be a small indication of the bounty that is available to you, if you would but get your priorities in order.

The Father loves you, provides for you and sends us here to assist you, in so many ways. Be conscious and not asleep. Take responsibility for your soul’s health and whether or not you are experiencing fulfillment and purpose as you go through the motions of your so-called lives, here on earth. However, be aware that you exist on more than just earthly planes. So, this is a reminder to awaken from the sleep walking.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.