I am here, your friend and brother, Jesus.

How necessary it is for you to be in the right frame of mind, in order for you to receive the truth of the Father’s messages and Love. It is also understandable, though it would be better to work more on being fully focused during the prayer, to receive the full benefits of the Father’s Love through His Holy Spirit.

The Christ spirit is offering a great gift to each and everyone of you, which is the transformation, the absorption of your mind or so called ego into allowing the Will of the Father to prevail by changing you from the person you were into who you really are, the transformation into the Divine angel, a messenger of the Father. This I wish for each of you.

I know that you try hard. I’m asking for a recommitment in terms of you being able to experience this Love on a more deeply felt level. Yes, I see more love here. Things are becoming brighter. I wish you to make more of a habit of being in the Love. Yes, being more aware of being in the Love or not. I mean on a spiritual level, as well on a physical level, and moral level. Choosing what thoughts occupy your mind. Asking for help. Curbing what you may say. Being more loving.

Trust in the Love and ask for our help. You need our help, but it’s for you to ask for it because it’s never forced on you. You will see great changes happen, as they are happening.

Remember what I have said. Be in the Love. Think in the Love. Speak in the Love. Become the Love.

G______, you are a very special, dear sister to me. I really see your efforts. I want you to feel the Love and how special you are. I see how you help your little sister in so many ways. It is a great gift you have and I wish to develop it more in you. Pray to know the truth and be more open to the Love. Come to know me better.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus, a beloved follower of my Father.