Those times that you pray to receive the Love, understand that you are participating in a blessing, a blessing bestowed by the Father unto all. With this blessing, comes the added gift of you being able to feel the Love of the Father, and His response to us, as the soul opens up to His inflowing. Long to know the Father. Ask to be closer to Him. This will assist you in coming to know him better. The Father so does want your love.

You must also try to strive. Let go of any preconceived ideas that you may harbor, in terms of how soon this transformation will happen for you. Some people take on more of the Love than others. You have to be truly open and receptive to this Love. For the healing to be sustained, ask for the Father’s Will to prevail. This will go on a more deeper level than you think and the acceleration of your growth. You will keep the atmosphere of Love here strong and well.

I ask that you do these things. Rejoice in the gladness the Father’s Love does bring. Know that I love you and will be with you more often.

In prayer and in thanks to our dear Father, I am your brother and friend,

Jesus, the Christ, master of the Celestial Heavens.