I AM HERE. Stephen, the Disciple.

I want to say only a word.

At the time of my martyrdom, I saw the heavens opened and the spirits of the just made perfect. And, now, by my soul perceptions, I can see God as a real, Personal Being, full of Love and Mercy.

Let no man rest in the assurance that God is only a formless spirit, without the Attributes of Seeing and Hearing and Knowing what the thoughts and deeds of men and spirits are. For, if he does, in the time of accounting, he will be deceived in his false security.

I am in a condition of soul development to know the great Truth that God is a God of real Personality. And, when I say this, I don’t mean individuality in the sense that you are an individual. But what I mean by “Personality” is that all these Attributes of Love and Power and Knowledge and Mercy do not constitute God. They are merely a part of His Being and flow from Him in their operations upon men, and, in fact, upon all the things of the universe.

I will not enlarge upon this truth, as it has been explained by those who preceded me. But I will say this: that because a man with a finite mind cannot understand this truth, it by no means follows that it is not a truth, for it is. And, in the great future, every man who has received the necessary soul development will learn and know this truth.

I will not write more tonight, but will urge you to continue to seek this great development of your soul, and you will not be disappointed in coming to the realization that God is our Father of the Master-the close, Personal and Loving Father. With all my Love, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,