It is I your sister Mary in the Divine Love.

I know that you may have wished for the opportunity to allow you to have a more consistent inflowing of the Divine Love and that is still possible. We only wish to say to you at this time that you feel the Love and our support the more you take down those barriers that keep you in a framework of comparison. Think of it this way, the Father has many children and His Love and Support go out to all of them. Do not be so caught up in your own development that you forget that there is an abundance of this Love available for all. And in this abundance of Love, in this generosity, in this giving, and as you take on more of the Love, then those qualities are also transformed in you and when I say transformed I mean that you get beyond a state where you are looking at what is coming to you and also have a vested interest in seeing that that love goes out to others and assisting them in this experience. For there is much to be rejoiced in as you see the blossoming of another soul awakening to the Truth of the Love. And this isn’t with a demeanor of the thumping of chests. This is a demeanor of a child being encouraged to walk and go forth and explore by a loving and supportive parent. I ask that you each put yourself in both of those roles and remember that there is much support and Love and encouragement that is given to you each. Acknowledge that goodness and allow the Love to do its work.

Be quicker to encourage than to condemn. Be quicker in words of love and kindness than in reproach. Be softer in your interactions and you will see a response that is more welcome than you could have imagined. Be in the Love – we don’t say that you often enough. Be in the Love. For when you are in the Love you are being transformed. Not just during prayer services, not just during private prayer but in your every waking moment of your lives – be in the Love. And much graciousness, much harmony, much abundance will be part of your everyday existence – be in the Love. Know who you really are and stay in rapport with your Father and there is nothing – nothing that you will be lacking in.

My blessing to you each. I am your sister transformed by the Divine Love into a beloved daughter of the Father who loves you each – I am Mary.

Go in Peace