I am here Mary:

In order for you to come to know your God, consider how you approach the opportunities given to you which the Father rains on each and everyone of you. We are attracted to soulful aspirations put forth to the Father. We come and join with you in prayer. The Love does attract us.

The corridors that we walk through from one sphere to another are a direct result of our desire to serve and assist in the growth of the Father’s Kingdom. So, we are constantly on the look out for those souls who get to that moment of conscious wanting to know the Truth and connect with the Father. This is not to say that those souls that don’t know what Divine Love is haven’t already become partakers of the Love. It is to say that we benefit as well as you when you pray to receive the Divine Love. The rapport of mortal and spirit becomes stronger between us as your consciousness is raised. The qualities in your soul become lighter and freer and more open to the influences of turning more to the Truth and less to the allurements of this mortal life.

Know when I share this with you that there are many things the Father created that are in harmony with His Laws of Love. Yet, there are also things that are manmade that are not. You need to be aware of those things that occupy you. Are they taking you more closely to the light or creating a cover around you that shields you from the light?

When you are in the light your soul glows forth and more spirits are attracted to wanting to spend more time in your company. They feel that here is a source, a receptacle for more information to be disseminated, as well as the grooming of a soul to become a more readily respondent to the Truths of the Love. Here is also the possibility of being a deliverer of the Truth to so many souls that need it.

Yes, it is so necessary for you to be in condition for you to receive these truths of Love and wisdom that we have to bring to you. It is also necessary to take a personal inventory of taking a responsibility for how you live. Know that those lessons that are presented to everyone on an individual basis are a learning tool for you during those times of trouble and despair. Remember to ask for help and assistance.

It is with your free will that we can assist and intercede. This also gives you a better opportunity to turn more to the light, to want to pray more often, to have an insatiable appetite for taking on more of the Love and the joy that is open to you as a recipient of the benefits of Father’s Divine Kingdom.

How quickly it is forgotten and you put your soul’s nature behind you when the mortal indulgences ascend, which can be in harmony, if you allow your soul to be in ascendancy. Those times the balance may be off center in your life, as more lessons are presented and how you respond to them, are more readily those times when you seek to do it alone and without assistance.

If you can remember to ask yourself, “Is this being in the Love?” Do this before you act, speak, or hold that thought. You will see a readily falling away of those things that keep you insulated from fully seeing your impact in this world and upon others, as well as the reflection that is brought forth to you of who you really are.

The Father loves you so. We love you, as well. Take the time to ask for mercy and in that mercy you will find a humility and a child-like need and want to join with your Creator. He will send us to intercede on those things that have an impact on your life as a mortal. We will assist you in the harmony of those things being fulfilled.

Greater than that, your souls hearing the “clarion call of the Love”, will direct you more readily to open up your souls to the Love. You will transmit that Love in such a blinding force of love and joy in spiritual fulfillment, that you will scarcely realize where the Kingdom ends, as you walk forth in this life, in your coat of flesh. Your soul will be more easily in ascendancy, as each step you take will be in light and love. You will draw to you a heavenly host of angels that will be more than willing to work with you, assist and guide you, as you come into your own. Know what it is to truly be a lover of God, follower of Christ and divine angel manifested here in the mortal life.

Feel the Love. Don’t hide from It. Readily seek Its nourishment. It is the source that will take you into the company of those souls who have aspired to be closer to their Father and truly be disciples of the Love. Hold fast to this Love. Come to know the beauty of who you really are.

I am your sister in the Divine Love, Mary, and a redeemed soul true to her relationship to our Father. With my love, I go.