I am here, Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary.

I need to share that it’s not often that I come, but when I do come, it’s for an important reason. I wish for that this family devotes more time to the messages and for sharing them with the world. I ask that you center yourself and get clear on the importance of this. We ask that you understand that it is not by mere chance that you are in this position. We ask that you share this Love with many others and get these down in such a way that they can be shared with more and more people.

I ask for you to be aware of what is important here. There is a contribution for you to make to many souls. Also, the impact that you have on your family and your children and their children yes, your grandchildren. There are so many souls who are attracted here to this service, as well as the services that happen. We ask that you have more regular services here. We also ask that you devote more time to preparing yourselves for higher messages. For they will be coming. I also ask that you pray more to get your life in a better space and a more joyous state. This Love will be reflected in the lives of your children, as well.

There is so much talent here. Yes, it would be good if these messages could be sent in such a form, not only for adults, but also the concept that you had, at an earlier time of messages to children. You have many children who are here in your family. Yes, those in body and out of body, who would be happy to attempt to assist you. By attempting to assist you, we mean not only with messages, but also with drawings and sketches. For there is much talent here.

I ask also that you pray to receive a greater inflowing of the Love. Understand how important it is for you to see that this is what you really will have to fulfill what is your life’s work. Yes, we will assist you in other ways, as well, in terms of the debts and the necessities of having your needs met. We ask that you see the reality of this and the blessing of this.

Understand that this is by no mere chance that I come to speak to you tonight. This has been prepared by one, such as myself, who does not come as often. So, you will not take it for granted. I ask that you think hard of what I have said and also to pray more often. Yes, there is much importance here, in terms of your praying, because you attract souls, but you know that. I ask that you pray on a more regular basis to set up a stronger rapport with those friends of yours here on the earth plane, who also pray. There will be a stronger connection in the reality of this Love being made more real in your lives.

I will come again, but I say to pray and receive the Love and to know the importance of this. I am your friend and sister, Elizabeth.