I am here, Melchizedek, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ.

It is good to see the self-examination going on, in terms of wanting to improve the conditions of your soul, as well as the quality of the content of the thoughts you hold in your minds. This is a direct result of the aspirations you have held in wanting to advance in your souls’ progression, as well as being on a level where you are more susceptible to our thoughts and influences. In this self-examination, you are acting as a catalyst in turning your thoughts more directly towards your spiritual health and less in the indulgences of your so-called “material wants”.

I say this to you for you to understand that though this process is gradual, it is necessary in order for you to understand that you do not do this alone. You are holding these soulful thoughts as also a way for you to attract those souls who more readily come to you and implant you with impressions of love and greater harmony. You can see this reflected in the amount of time it takes for you to resolve conflicts and issues. You may have noticed that there is less of a time period before you will make the effort to resolve differences. Also for you to see the lesson that is there for you. This is not to say that you are more perfect than another. It is only to say your souls are not content to rest in any amount of darkness for very long. You see the folly and the waste in wallowing in these kinds of self-deceptions.

How much more light is here. How much more joy and cooperation, and how more easily you attract more souls who will readily respond to you and those projects that will bring about a fulfilling of the Love. What a healing you have here. A multigenerational healing is taking place here.

Those acute distresses that you are now experiencing will be resolved in a healing. A healing that not only acts on the most material level, but will also change the way you formulate, respond and interact with each other. More of the greater good is being brought out in each of you. Also, you will begin to see how truly supported you are and the Love of the Father that is here for you.

You will also recognize and attest to the fact of how beloved you are. I say beloved for you to understand that more than just the mortals who are in this room support and love you. There are many here in the spirit world who give you their loving support and are acting upon you now to heal those aspects that most need attention. (Yes, J___, including the pain you suffer, now.)

You are getting a healing on a soul level, as well as are your children. There are many generations of your family who are here who are supporting this. Do you have any questions that you would like to have answered tonight, any of you?

(Initials are used to protect privacy. Questions are in italics text. “M__” is Melchizedek’s comments.)

M__: …What is your question?

T__: You know it better than I do.

M__: Let me say this to you. Your mother has had a healing, as well as you. Yes, this medium, in terms of seeing how vital it is for you to be in a “peace of mind” for her welfare, as well as your own. There will be better letters and correspondence. She would appreciate a call tomorrow.

T__: Thank you for all your help.

M__: I see that there is a question regarding a female. Do you want to ask it?… (pause). I will not put you in a position of embarrassment. Let me share that in our conversations here, that there is no judgment. You are safe. So, if you wish to ask, know that we will address it as best we can.

Is there a question regarding a female here?

M__: J___, do you have any questions that you would like to ask regarding a relative?

J__: I would like to ask.

M__: Go ahead and ask.


M__: Let me share that your father has had a big healing. For a long time he was in a lot of anger. He has turned around and seen a gentler side of himself.

What is your specific question?

J__: (unintelligible)

M__: He is almost from the second, going into the third sphere. Your mother has helped him to learn about the Divine Love. He is sorry for the pain and anger that you saw so much of. It was mostly from pain and frustration and not being able to manifest more in this life, the life he saw for you and your family.

You need to let go a lot of unresolved fulfillment that he transferred unto you because he did not mean to. He sees how loving and courageous you have been. Can you see that in yourself?

J__: No. At any rate, not yet.

M__: Can you see where your faith has brought you, in terms of being at this point in your life and how supported you are in the Love? This has a lot to do with the pain that you are carrying. It is racking your body.

The way for you to receive a healing on that is to see the worthiness that you have in sustaining this healing. It goes beyond your body, it goes into the mind-set that you have had for so long, which is beginning to crumble now.

I don’t mean just “lip service”. I mean the pattern of thoughts that you have been holding on to. I mean changing your mind about many of the loved ones and relationships that you have had in the past, including your own conception of who you are.

If you can forgive yourself and others and believe in the healing power of the Father and your worthiness of receiving that healing and His Divine Love, that will go a long way in relieving you of this burden. This burden was never just yours, but a burden that you carried that was inherited.

Do you understand what I am talking about? (Pause.) Do you see your worthiness? Do you see why you are blocking that?

Well, we can look into your heart. You have a broken heart, J___. Do you know that?

J__: (Unintelligible)…vengeance, all corrupt heart. I passed that stage a long time ago.

M__: Not really, because it is you looking at yourself as being wounded which has caused the deep piercing you felt. I say this because I do not mean a relationship with anyone other than you, yourself. You have love and worthiness and the perfection that you need to see in yourself. Can you see the perfection in you? (Pause.)

Well, even if you do not, we do. This will be the seed of love that will help assist you in placing, within yourself, to radiate out from your soul, help in manifesting a feeling of wholeness, completeness and deservedness that is so vital here.

We need your cooperation in this. Yes, you do have a free will. We will not force you. Do you see the cooperation that we are asking for?

J__: I understand what you are asking.

M__: Well, beyond an intellectual level, and a heart-felt level, your love principle lies in the seat of your soul. It is from that center that a healing commences.

You have a wonderful mind, but it is subservient to your soul. Your soul knows and seeks for a harmony and craves the Love. It is up to you to give it permission to expand in this.

You will feel this Love as a warm, bathing glow throughout your entire being as you open up to this Truth. You will be supported by your father and mother and many more who care about you.

You have allowed yourself to be surrounded in a carrying, loving, environment. Take full advantage of this. Know that we will be here to support you.

M__: Is there anything else anyone wishes to ask?

G__: Are there clocks in heaven?

M__: No, there are no clocks in heaven, as there is no concept of time, as you know it.

May the mercy of the Father be with each of you. Remember to call upon us. We are here to support you. I thank the Father for this opportunity to share with each of you and ask you to seek first the Love and all else will follow. You have many, many things to be thankful for, most especially the Love.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Melchizedek, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ and dweller in the Celestial Kingdom.