I am your friend and brother Jesus. I ask that you remember who you really are and how much Love is here for you. Too often those prayers, aspirations and soulful thoughts that are so abundant during the services and with the souls who here congregate to feel the Love, are dissipated by the
distractions of living on this earth plane. Therefore, we are not saying
they aren’t necessary responsibilities to attend to. What we are saying is to take the time to call upon help from the Father. There are brothers and sisters to attend to you and come to you to change your thoughts during those times when you are overwhelmed with emotions and beliefs that aren’t necessarily grounded in the Truth.

We know there are times when insecurities are presented to you. Yet, if you will allow yourselves to stay focused in the Love and call upon the Father, that His Divine Love dwell in your souls, what a change there would be in your relationships. What a change there would be in your level of communication. What a change there would be in the continence of your beings. There would be no lack of respect. There would be mutual understanding, camaraderie, and feelings of Love and devotion for each other.

If you will allow this Divine Love to take root in each of your souls and be the focal point of this home and this dwelling, that as you pray and aspire to be near to the Father and those inhabitants who dwell in His Kingdom, how raised the energy would be here. How your thoughts would no longer cause you to suffer and how much the transformation will be more rapid here and in those around you, if you remember your true purpose in the Love that is here and so much more. As you aspire to take on those works of Love and that beholden consciousness of Love to the Father all the suffering that any of you endure will be eradicated.

How much more trivial, it will seem to you, those preoccupations you allow to rattle the very fiber of your being. You will know that this is just an exercise and that the greater picture is your souls and your nearness to your Father.

I ask you each to take the time to create the habit to remember to pray for the Love. Remember to touch in the Love. You will be happy, changed and transformed by it. You will see with eyes that care. You will see into the heart of even the most agitated, what their needs are, in coming to understand the Truth of the Love that is needed here.

In every way, be in the Love. Grow in grace. Be the Father’s true children, manifesting the Divine Love, transformed souls, angels. Go in the Grace of the Father and do His Will.

My love and blessings, I am your brother and friend in the Divine Love, Jesus the Christ, the son of the Father, who is continuing to do His Bidding.