I am here, your friend and brother, B—.

How about that? I get to speak this time. Thank you Father. Well, it is wonderful to feel the Love and to know that you are feeling it also. Drink deeply. Oh, it is so wonderful to share this Love with you. I have been praying, lately, that there would be an opportunity for us to go more deeply into what it means to have faith in the Father. The Father has blessed me with this opportunity.

Having faith is unquestionably allowing the Father’s Will to prevail. Yes, I know how hard it may be to give up what you think is your opinion on matters. Yet, God has been handling us and this universe for so much longer than our infinitesimal existence. You have much to learn, as do I and what the great plan for the salvation of mankind is.

So, if you truly want to be that instrument, that you said you wanted to be, and I have heard in the past and in the present, that that dream is still alive and well with you, then I say this. Let go of the safety net and take the plunge. Go as deeply as you can into this endeavor. Know that you will be provided for. Yes, there are times when it feels as if it is shaky ground. What is really shaking? Is it our belief systems? Yes, those are drawn into question many times. I have been subject to having surprise and realizing that some of my beliefs just were not practical. Yet, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have merit.

You want to learn. In learning you have an open mind. So, as hard as that might be, allow yourself to be still in the silence of the Love. Allow yourself to be guided. There are many ministering hands here to assist you on that path. In your soul, you know this to be true. Let go of what the mind wishes to grasp as the correct course. Allow yourself the trust that will come from allowing us to assist you and be with you.

Become the closely knitted family that we have been all these years. By that, I mean that many of us have been with you for a long time now, though some of us have been in other circles. Yes, we assist others, but we have been in the same company, the same band, for a number of years. It is time that you acknowledge that. For this is family, too. We are family just as much as your offspring are, just as much as the Father has touched each and every one of us with the breath of a soul.

We have this opportunity to breath real life into the soul from the image to the substance. There are so many souls that are waiting to hear of this Love and the opportunity. So many who have been in despair, anguish. You yourself, have been there and you know of the Love. What of those who know nothing, absolutely nothing of the Love?

We take every opportunity we can to share this Love with others. The reason being is that if we do not, that one soul that may have been left out in the cold. How would you have liked it if it had been you? As many years as you have searched and found the answer, what of them? They have that right. You must understand the importance of this.

You have known of the Love and been blessed by the Love and had a congregation, a fellowship of those souls who have been redeemed by the Father. Think of what this outreach means to them and more. Do not be content to rest on your laurels. There is no time.

You have been trained. You have been taught. You have been groomed in the passions and the depths and the beauty and the joy of this Love. I am not saying that you have totally been taken over by the Love, but enough of your soul has made headway that there is a firm anchor in the Love. Your soul will never renounce this Love. So, you are guaranteed a home in the kingdom and know the way.

What I am sharing are those cries in the darkness for those souls who wish an answer and need assistance in waking up to the fact that the opportunity is there with them. Do not turn your backs on them. I say this, for yes, I know you help many, as well as your assistance in trying to help your family, but there are so many more yet to be reached.

This is not a light undertaking. Yet, we are strong in numbers. There is so much more accompanied in the endeavor. The Father is our Leader in this. Yes, I am but one of His spokespersons. The Master has a grand plan for us. Many of us are working on this. Yes, you are working, but you also need to understand that the more you can come in the Love, the more you will be more firmly established and set an example for the Love.

This is something we need, the integration of this Love, to be passed those disharmonies. This is not to say that you need to be perfect, but only to say that if you know of this Love, how has it impacted your life? What do you have to show for it?

So, the mirrors are up. Look into them. See and acknowledge the reflection that is there. Those things you wish to change, accept them as being you. If they have no basis or find lodgment in you, then what are you holding onto them for? Shed this. Go on and view the newer you. Let go of the mirages. Let go of the ghosts of the past. Accept who you are here and now, in this moment. Know that the Father’s Love is ready and willing and able to assist you. Humbly ask for mercy. Humbly ask to be protected. Humbly ask to be open to our influence and there will be no pain, no suffering, no arms blocked that you may not be seen.

Let go of any and all shame. Offer this to the Father. Allow yourself to be healed. The healing is continuos until the point where you are so glowing in the Love, that it is time to enter a new sphere of Love. It is time for that now for you. What is keeping you from it? I ask you, if you are not satisfied, then what can you do to make the change? What can you do to fully feel the Love? What can you do to open your arms and go more deeply and lovingly into the Father’s arms of Love?

You want the kingdom? It’s been offered to you each. If that is so, what are you doing to prepare and bring it about? You help make it manifest, as well. Your souls have the responsibility of taking on the Love, integrating the Love, being in the Love — For that to filter down into every aspect of your being. If there are parts of you in pain and suffering, open up. Allow yourself to be healed. There is no reason to wait. Even if you do not have the answers, have the faith to keep coming closer.

Keep striving to be in the Truth. KNOW IT. ACCEPT IT. Yes, I know, that’s the big thing….THE ACCEPTANCE. In the acceptance, comes the shedding, comes the integration, comes the painful letting go. Well, you cannot open for more bounty, if your fist is holding tight on what you think it ought to be. TRUST AND RELENTLESSLY TRUST. PERSEVERE AND TRUST. PRAY AND TRUST. GO TO YOUR FATHER AND COME TO KNOW HIM. Be surprised at meeting who you really are.

I love you. I am your friend. I would not lie to you. It has been the same for me. Oh, and what a blessing it has been. Feel the Love. Welcome to your new home. I am happy to be a member of that family. I open the door of my home to you. Be in the Love.

I am your brother and friend and a true follower of our Master, Jesus, the Christ, B—.

Be in the Love.