I am here, your sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus. Feel the Love and mercy that your souls are drinking in. Yes, there are changes afoot. That does not mean that there has to be suffering involved. What it does mean is that you will open your eyes and see who you really are. What that means is that a greater role for you to play, in terms of your soul’s fulfillment. It would also mean that you are not subject to those parameters that you thought yourself to be.

You have a chance to spread your wings in such a way that you “take off in flight”. By that, what I mean is you have this chance to experience a greater realm of fulfillment than you have ever thought possible before.

Creativity, vision, the magnitude of scope of the Father’s Plans being implemented are just beginning to tickle the surface of your consciousness. What I am saying to you is it is unrestricted. You have such a bright horizon before you. The Father has so much Love for each of you. Won’t you pray to know your soul’s fulfillment here on earth? Ask for the support, worthiness and Love you need to carry it out.

You have not even begun to touch upon how you have a wellspring of talents and gifts at you disposal. Pray to know the Truth. Be grateful for the blessings. Let go of the excuses. You have nowhere to turn except to look full-face into what is.

Come to know you, a redeemed child in the Love, manifesting that goodness here on the earth plane. Allow this goodness to permeate every fiber of your being. Feel renewed and revitalized in a whole new concept of who you really are.

I am not saying this just to have something to say. I’m saying this for you to come to know and fulfill your heart’s dreams, your soul’s aspirations, your wishing to be closer to the Father and carry out His Wishes.

Pray to know the Truth and see the scope of your life’s mission here on the earth and into the Celestial Realms.

My love and blessings, I am your sister and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus, a redeemed daughter in the Father’s Grace and Love, where there is room for more to come. My blessings and the Father’s are with you.