I am here, Martin Luther, the Reformer.

Let me say a few words. The reform work that you are doing now, of teaching others about the Divine Love, the Truths of the Father and these higher spiritual laws, this is the True Reformation. This is what will bring those souls closer to the Father. It will transform them from mere spirits and humans in their states of doubt, fear and agnosticism to divine angels doing the work of the Father. They will live in harmony, healing themselves, as well as their surroundings.

As these spirits and humans come into condition, they will create greater harmony in their lives and the lives around them. This will cause a healing on the earth between nations and groups that have been fighting for years. This will cause a greater respect of the environment and the earth. People will think about the consequences of their actions. Their desires will be in greater harmony causing less harm by their actions and fulfilling their desires.

Trust your Father. Trust in His Love and know there is nothing that will keep you from doing the Father’s Will, but yourselves. We are assisting you. Bring your will in alignment with the Father’s. Do the steps that you are impressed to do and your soul is desiring you to do. You will receive great rewards materially and spiritually, on all levels.

You will see the joy and the healing that comes to souls who have been in despair for many years. You will see the cleansing of the earth of disharmony. You will see the joy that comes and the peace with the Father’s Will. This joy is so bright. You know glimpses of this happiness. Imagine this a thousand times more each day for each soul that comes into the Love.

As you teach these Truths, teach them from the Love. Teach them from your example. Help others understand that it is through this Love that they will gain happiness, harmony and closeness to their Heavenly Father. There will be a greater respect for individuals, as well as themselves.

Trust in the Love. Do this work, this important work. Come from the joy. People will see the Love and the joy that comes through you. It will give them greater faith. They will know when you speak, that what you speak is true. This will help them resolve their false mind-sets that are keeping them out of harmony or distracting them from being in the Love.

You are bringing healing, joy, and happiness to souls around the world and in the spirit world by this work. Do not see it as something forced upon you. See it as bringing the Love to those who need It and have been looking for It and yearning for It.

With my love and blessing, I am your friend and brother, Martin Luther, once known as the Reformer and now a true follower of our master and brother, Jesus the Christ.

Thank you for this time to speak.