Hello mother! It is I, Marcelena.

I send my greetings to my sisters and brother, as well. I wish to share with you that we join you and give you hugs. Of course, that is the way of the younger ones, but let me share this with you. The more deeply you pray, the higher you bring the emanation of the Love in this home. This helps to set a stage for the children to follow. The children are so open to so many things.

When the spirit of Love is high, you will have more compliance in terms of them being in harmony. You will be able to accomplish more things for they will allow their true natures to be more nurtured. That is what they seek, the Love.

So, being in harmony in the Love, you will get more cooperation from them. It will be more peaceful for all of you. That is all I wish to say, except that I love you and will come again, shortly.

My love and blessings, I am your sister and daughter, Marcelena.