There will be times when your souls so long for At-Onement with the Father that you will not be aware of any break in that rapport with the Father. I know this is hard to imagine because at this time, there are more times when you feel a break. Yet, as the Love builds in your souls and you become closer to the Father in Love. You will take on more and more of those Divine Attributes, to such a level, that you’ll become more of the real you, rather than this “earth-bound creation” that you have helped nurture through your desires for preoccupations with those distractions that have fully kept you from understanding who you really are – Being slaves to the material and forgetting that you are spiritual creatures clothed in flesh. While the mind’s concept of keeping it stimulated and for new sensations to preoccupy it, have given you the false belief of the opposite.

What I am here to share is that your relationship to God and the benefits derived from will last longer than the distraction and temporary pleasure you get from a certain TV show, a certain food, a certain relationship with others, a certain hobby. This relationship will last you forever. The thing about it is that as you grow closer in your relationship with God, and come to know God more, you will actually come to know yourself more. You will feel not just a temporary satisfaction, but a continually gladness in your heart that will know no bounds. You will be perpetually happy, generally happy. Not just superficially stimulated in the moment, but you will have a permanent state of happiness that continues to grow with no ebbing away. A continual flow coming to you that you being a vessel for the Love allow to radiate out. There will be no holding on and grasping in fear that you might lose it or the moment. Rather, you will trust enough to allowing the Love to flow and radiate in you and through you to others. You will be more than who you were before. There will be more sureness, self-confidence, trust, faith and Love in your lives. You will know bliss.

You will know and seek to know better your Heavenly Father, as the Divine Love will be as much a part of your make-up as the air you breathe taking oxygenated blood to other parts of your body. Divine Love will course through every fiber of your being. Yes, finding lodgment in your soul. Your soul will expand in the greatness of the Love. By that, you could equate it to a balloon that keeps expanding yet, never bursts. Now, as hard as that is to picture yet, the analogy is a good one. When you are not feeling the Love, it is as if though you have deflated. When, what it is really saying is, “Where is your focus?” “Where are you placing importance, as to your real treasures?”

There will be a greater familiarity, as well as a greater circle of the Love in those individuals who are in your sphere of existence. As you come more and more into this higher consciousness of being in the Love, you will cease to know scarcity in your lives. You will finally have made yourself worthy of being in your true home, which is a place, as well as a state and consciousness of existence. You will stop denying any and all aspects of this and fully embrace what is being offered to you. As you come more and more into who you really are, it will be as though you awakened from a bad dream and come into the Light.

So, step through this corridor in full consciousness. Stop sleep walking and thinking that you haven’t quite gotten here or arrived because you have. Become fully awake in the Love. Stop acting and start being. Be in the Love. Wake up to who you really are.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus, a redeemed soul in the Love and knowledgeable of who I really am and my relationship to our Father, are you?