My soul, my soul,
Father, come fill my soul.

I lift up my hands, my heart to You.
May Your Love reign in me, as I in You.

I can feel Your energy, Your Love flowing free.
My soul is longing for You.
Love, forever reign in me.

Through the top of my head, a beam of pure golden light,
For these mere human eyes, it’s much too bright!

The angels surround me in legions high above,
Lifting me, lifting me, with vibrations of love,
Drawing me nearer, nearer to Your Fountain of Love.

They send forth their blessings to me and my brethren,
My small human heart swells like manna with leaven.

Your Sweet Holy Spirit has opened my soul.
Divine Love envelopes me from my head to my toes.
I know now, You’ll always be with me where ever I go.

In star-bursts of Love, You come into my soul.
You love me, You heal me, You make me whole.

Copyright 2008 Rev. Ruth Duvall
(August 19, 2008)