I am your friend, Melchizedek.

Yes, the same and as you have been wondering, what has become of me. Tod shared that he had some messages from me. It has been a while since I have used you to convey my messages. I want to say this. It’s not just the insistence that we have that you pray more. It’s also the opportunity for you to come more into the Light and feel more joy in your life. You have this opportunity with the availability of more of the Love in your life. Furthermore, what you are doing is you’re creating a stronger atmosphere of the Love with more people praying with more people praying to receive the Love. You are setting up a catalyst with which a very strong, potent, force of Love is being evoked in your existence, in your universe. Through this cataclysm of Love, so much good will come out of it.

It is but for you to open up and remember. You have to be comfortable in the Love in order to be able to dwell in that level of the Celestial Sphere. Your soul’s development has to be to that point where you open it and welcome it. Otherwise, you will not be comfortable and you will go and descent into a lower sphere, where you are more suited. Consider that, when you come up against any resistance to prayer. Remember that because it’s what is keeping you from growth.

I ask you to feel the Love that is here now. Also understand the level of commitment we are asking for from you. With the stronger commitment to receive the Love, we are asking you to develop your soul that much more. We are asking for your soul perceptions to be more aware and to grow in the Love. Grow in being that finely attuned so that you will be beyond your mere perceptions of what is happening here and go into the deeper realm of what is happening to your fellow family and friends and the world at large. Also to be able to be attuned to the greater Will of the Father and know what He wishes.

In order to do that, we are asking you to focus more and be open. Give up some of the control that you have before. Just feel the Love and trust that you will be in the Love. Yes, we have noticed how you have played games with the children to see if they could perceive what you were saying. Yes, you did this more with them when they were younger. You were just trying to see if that was still available with them and it is. Plan to explore it more. You have even been able to beckon them, without calling them, as you used to do that when they were younger. Yes, this is you using your soul perceptions with them being in attune. When you are attuned, you can do even more than that.

This is but one example of the Love. I ask you to be fully focused here in the room and not in the other room while we are in communication with you. I ask that you also open up and appreciate what your spouse has been doing and acknowledge him. Encourage him and be happy about this. You have so many talented people here. K____ and G_____, how they have grown and evolved in the Love. How beautiful they are. How talented they are. Acknowledge this in them. Cultivate it and share this with them. They will know more of who they really are.

Think about what I have said. I am your friend and brother, Melchizedek.