You have felt my presence; I am your brother Melchizedek. There are hosts of spirits who are here. Yes, some who followed from the church services, as they were curious, for they did recognize you as a newcomer. Yes, you were welcomed by Auntie Margret, who was a very spiritual sister.

It would do you well to allow your children to see what happens during other services for them to have a greater appreciation for this service and the Divine Love that is present. Understand this; there are other souls in many denominations that possess the Divine Love, even if they don’t know the word for it. Yet, if they could just turn their attention directly to God and not so be focused on Jesus Christ as God, for in that confusion, they lose sight in what his real purpose was. Yet, the Love prevails and does come through. So, if you will find the words to share with others, (not that they are so mistaken), but they understand the truth of Jesus’ mission, which is the Great Rebestowal of the Love and what that means in the souls coming in the wedding garment of the Divine Love. Whereas before, they witnessed some pleasure, but not the full extent of what it meant to be invited to the feast with the very best.

So many are seeking to know God, don’t you think they would like to know the way to His domicile? God does have a home and a place. Why be satisfied with the remnants when you can have the full essence and magnificence of knowing Him and being in His Presence? Don’t allow yourselves to be hindered by the pronouns of his and her as the Father, our God, has no gender. I know this is hard to understand, but understand that we, who are His children, know this. Yet, how can we make you see that in His Love and Compassion for us? We are used as vessels to allow more souls to come forth. When we can get our own personal agendas out of the way and be pure vessels for the Love to be spread, how much more profound is the message felt on a more universal plane when you love enough to get out of the way and allow yourself to be used and molded into an instrument of Love?

This takes a greater compassion and more humility than you could truly know. It is not self sacrificing. It is not a sterile existence. It is one of compassion and joy and great wonders. There are no limits to where this Love will take you. You may find your true selves and heart’s desires as you express this Love.

Now, there was talk today in those church services of a ministry going out to a depressed neighborhood or “slum” as some may call it. Yes, that congregation did good deeds in assisting those people who were neglected by their landlords, neglected by the police, in terms of protection, neglected by firemen, neglected by emergency services. Yet, Divine Love was felt. It changed many individuals, for It conquered the fear. It conquered the barriers of people preying upon one another. It conquered the apathy of the hearts that had no compassion nor thought of anyone save themselves. The Divine Love conquered that. There was wealth and prosperity felt – and worthiness.

If an individual or child is made to feel unworthy, then they are not protected and become open to the influences of those spirits who prey upon their innocence, their feelings of despair. A manifestation of the cycles of bringing forth a lower energy and depression of light creates a barrier that keeps the lighter realms of Love from flowing through.

There must be a change in your hearts and souls, in your conditions, even your thoughts that have chained you in a cycle for years in how you view yourselves, each other and how you give honor to each other and how you speak to each other.

We, who dwell in the Kingdom of our Father, bring the Love with us. We have no hesitation in coming here to you, for the Love is with us, as is His Presence. If you see yourselves in the Love, fully being a host vessel for the Divine Love, you will cease your bickering; you will cease your fault finding. You will see with the eyes of one who brought the message of Love and manifested It here on earth. You will walk with footfalls that are lighter. You will touch in an embracive love and you heart will be fuller than ever before.

You will see what honor it is to be here. That exchange of the Love, just in you allowing yourself to fully come into you and let It flow, will be such an attraction that these books that you harbor, these books that you say are the word, you will know them without having to open the pages.

You will expand in those words, in that wisdom, in that Love, such that we will easily speak through you. Your words and your communications will flow and it will be as if you are a pipeline to the Kingdom. Your boxes of books will be gone, as more will embrace them. You will have more printings and a larger congregation, as you transform yourself from the inside out. And all that is, is opening up to the Love. As you open up to the Love, the core of your existence will expand. You will have more energy. You will flow forth, as this burning Love transforms you and molds you as the Father so wills, not as the ego so wills. Light will flow through your eyes, as the scales will fall out of your eyes. You will see each other in the potential as we do, as sisters and brothers in the Light, who have only this veil of uncertainty keeping them from fully experiencing the Love.

You are each treasures. We come to assist you in putting on the wedding garment, for each of you are fully deserving and have the capability of transforming life as you know it here on this planet. There are no slouches amongst you, save how you appear to yourselves.

See with eyes of Love. Behold, that all the tools are here before you. We are assisting you. Feel the Love and know how precious you are to the Father and to us, who love you.

I am your friend and brother Melchizedek, a true follower of our Master, Jesus the Christ, and another beloved son of God, as are you my brothers and sisters. I go…