I am here, your brother, Jesus. Yes, that was Melchizedek. As you know, we cannot be at all places. I will let him share this information with you…

When your soul opens up to a sufficient amount of the Divine Love, you will begin to experience and share what may be appear to others, as well as yourself, to be wonders. What this is, is that you are being open and receptive to what is already in existence. You see with clearer eyes, your soul’s perceptions having been more developed in the Love. For then you begin to understand many things, including how to be a vessel in assisting and channeling the Love and healing graces of the Love.

This will be more readily available to you the more strongly you turn away from the physical towards your spiritual development and nature.

The Father so wants His children to be happy and provides for us in so many ways. You have been nurtured by a family. You have had the love and companionship and responsibility of your part in those relationships. This nurtures you. By the same token, for the spiritual side of your nature, you have a spiritual relationship with many, many souls who are progressing in the Love as much as you are.

As you develop more in this Divine Love, there is a shift in your rapport with those spirits who are more attuned as you become attuned to a higher level of spiritual consciousness. Here you will be more in rapport with and forming those liaisons that will assist you in the growth of your soul and your assistance to others.

More Truths will be made known to you. You will have a better understanding of your role, as well as in acknowledging and receiving a healing on those things that have kept you in darkness and confusion. By this I mean everything that has kept you from fully being open to the Light and Truth that is being offered to you in the Love. You will let go of those things that you have out grown, those situations and circumstances that keep you from fully experiencing the full measure of the Love. You will have no patience for these interruptions. I dub them interruptions because anything that keeps you from being fully in the Love is an interruption, be they a relationship, activity, or thought process.

You will more fully mingle in those circles that will bring about a higher level and ease of enjoyment that will allow you to more fully endeavor to keep your soul in the Light. You will journey beyond those limitations that you have experienced in the past. It is well known that as you progress, as you evolve, the changes that happen and the new growth that happens in you, allows you to shed those habits that you have outgrown and to learn the lessons.

More doors will open. By doors, I mean these opportunities that have already been “set on the table” before you. Yet, with more immersion of the Love in your soul, you will be better able to choose those things that your soul is attracted to. You will be ready and unafraid to go forth in your progression.

Let me put this another way for you to understand better. There are many things that you are aware of on a soul level that you have not allowed yourself to be consciously aware of on a physical level. This is for many reasons. One, because you were not ready to let go of the security that you have experienced in familiar surroundings. Yet, the time may come when you are ready to let go of familiar surroundings and things that have served you in the past because you are ready to a higher level. Those companions who may have been with you on a more frequent basis, in terms of your daily life, may be left behind. This is nothing to fear. It is only to share with you that when the time is right, you may rejoin them. For your own spiritual growth, the time was right for you to move on.

So, I am sharing this with you for you not to have regret, nor to be in fear. Prepare yourself for an understanding that the Father has much in store for each of you. There may be roads that one may take that another is not attracted to. Understand that we are all progressing in the Love. Just as there are spirits who may come to you more often because of the rapport that they have with you and what is there for you to be taught. We vary in our talents the same as one may have a taste for a certain dish and one may consider this all together unpalatable.

So, if you can look at it in that light, then there will not be what may be perceived as a hardship. Consider yourself blessed with the variety of talents that are here. Make use of those talents. Be prepared to assimilate the lesson and move on. As you move on, so you progress. This is not said in a callous or casual manner, but is said for you to understand that you are not where you were last year nor where you were 12 years ago.

Thank the Father for the blessings and opportunity that you are given, as well as the growth that you have made. You will assume more as time goes on. Do not be surprised at the unfoldment of events to happen.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Melchizedek, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.