I am here Mary. I would like you to know that this Love that is transforming your souls from the mere image of God into the Essence of God is taking you to a level of soul development where you will find much joy, happiness, peace and tranquility and transformation.

Allow the Father’s Love in more in everything you do. Open and let the air that you breathe open you up to the Love that is around you. With each breathe you open up to more to the Father’s Love. With each smile, you open up more to the Father’s Love.

With each laugh, push, work, lift – Those things that you do during the day to maintain your livelihood and support you on this material plane, allow each act to be a loving act offered to the Father. Let it be one that is in harmony in creating more joy, peace and love in the world.

I am not just talking about the outcome of the act, I am talking about the intent of the act. It is with the intent that the act is manifested. Go, with positive intent. Go, knowing that you have the Father’s Love with you. Go, knowing that your angels support you and you will not be disappointed.

Be in the Love. Remember to say thank you. I am your sister and friend, Mary, who follows my son and teaches the Truths that were made revealed by him at his time on earth and now during his time in the spirit world. With my love, I leave you now.