I am here, Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Yes, your daughter, Marcelena, is here also, but she has conceded to allow me to speak at this time. It is so important for you to start appreciating the opportunity that is here for you. Yes, I understand that we have come in the past before. You have seen our messages, but you must understand the impact of what we wish to accomplish here. There is so much work to be done. The opportunity is ripe in terms of you sharing this Love. There are many who wish to come to you and know of it.

So, do not be so quick to turn down others, in terms of trying to figure out when is the right time. The opportunity is there. Do not put any doubts before you. The words and knowledge will come to you. We will assist you on this. Understand that you are needed more now than ever. Be focused on the Love. Pray to know the truth. Ask for a healing on any doubts or fears. Understand that you will be strong and centered in your faith and love.

I hold you to that. I ask you to pray for a stronger inflowing of this Love. Remember where we take you tonight, at least the impression we leave you with. You have much to do on this plane.

I am your friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus.