Such a healing tonight, yes, a deep inflowing of the Love … Isn’t it much better to be in the Love than to allow disharmony, fear, worry, mistrust to lead you? Remember to ask for mercy. The Father’s Grace is here for you. Receive It. Trust It. He loves us so much.

Your soul remembers the Love. Your mind will be absorbed in the Love.

Your numbers are becoming stronger. Welcome this. There is no need to fear. You are healing. You are also facing those aspects of you that you are insecure over. Ask to invoke the Law of Mercy. Ask for guidance in learning the lessons.

You wish to assimilate the lessons. You have asked for a transformation of the Love. Remember you are never presented with more than you can handle. You are not alone. The guidance you are getting is just part of the integration. What has this taught you? What have you learned? Whom do you trust?

Come to know yourself. Let go of those false masks of pride and ego.

You are so beloved and well taken care of. You are in for a closeness with the Father. Seek the rapport of those souls who aspire in the Love. Allow the Love to be the beacon that directs you. You have so much support and help. You already know it. Why pretend otherwise?

It is a waste of your time.

Give thanks to His many blessings to you. You have asked to know the truth. Therefore, the veils of doubt and the insecurity that you let beleaguer you during those times when you find yourself vulnerable are those times when you need to assert the knowledge that your souls know.

Your souls know the Love.

Seek ye first the Love and the Kingdom of the Father and all else will follow. Your Father has provided for you. Open to receive. We know what you need. We know your hearts. Feel this good, loving, space that has been provided for you. Succor to the nurturance that has been provided for you.

Receive the healing that you have yearned for. There are many hands upon you, soothing hands healing you. Feel the loving mercy that restores and renews you. We love you. We support you. You have not been abandoned.

Allow your soul qualities to be made manifest in the forefront. Let it lead you into this new territory of discovery and manifestation in actualizing the kingdom here and doing the work that will assist in bringing back to your brothers and sisters their birthright of the Divine Love manifesting in their lives.

Take the reins and go forth. You already know the way. We are guiding and assisting you. The Father’s Love is leading you. Trust in what I have said to you. There is so much happiness and blessings. Yes, riches, spiritual riches, as well as material riches where your needs will be met and more.

Be loving and giving to each other. See the Light that binds you to each other. Let not your eyes be deceived. Allow your soul and heart to find their way in the darkness. Your Father so loves you. He has never left. Do not turn away from the Light.

Give your heart and trust it. Know that it is safe. Your sisters and brothers who have grown in the Love will be your companions in the Love. We will do this as a team. Be ready to move in the Love.

With my love and blessings, I am your sister and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus, redeemed daughter who loves to share the great news of the Kingdom being made manifest here and now.

With my love, I leave you.