I am here, your sister and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus. Yes, there are many souls who are here participating in this service and at the same time, we are also assisting you in becoming clearer on your purpose, as well as helping you to be aligned in the Love.

By this, what we really mean is for your minds to get out of the way of your soul’s intense desire to be in the Truth, participate in the camaraderie of souls who are here. To seek support and help in your soul’s development with Divine Love being made manifest here and now.

I share this with you for you to see that there are so many talents between you. You complement each other in so many ways. Learn to look at where it works and not at where it is different. This will encourage each of you to give more, as well as see how appreciated you really are. You are appreciated.

The Love is bright here. It has attracted many souls on the lower spheres who seek to know what is going on here. Be conscious of the Love that you bring out and your instructions to those spirits.

Acknowledge them. Share with them. Teach them to be able to see us. (note from the editor: ask the spirits to try to imagine very bright beautiful spirits – ask them to try to see them and tell the spirits that these bright spirits are Celestial Angels who have come with Love to share and offer their guidance. In other words, introduce the spirits in the lower spheres to the angels who come and pray with you.)

They identify more personally with you than with us. We need your assistance in forming those rapports. We are so very grateful for this opportunity to assist you in coming in the Love. Feel the joy and the Love the Father has.

We are not on this earth for a long time, but are really preparing and going into your true homes yes, your true homes. Be alive in the Love and openly share this Love. You privately know of the Love. Well, you have an opportunity to share. Do not let this pass you by.

We and many more will be coming through and sharing in the next two days. Give thanks to your Father. See how worthy each of you are. We love you each. Enjoy the blessings and the opportunities here to pray.

I am your sister and friend in the Divine Love of the Father, Mary, a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ.