I am here, your sister, Mary. Let go of any disappointment or sense of loss. I ask the Father to strengthen you and fill you with His Love and Mercy. There are so many things in store for you that you have not begun to imagine.

Sometimes, the metamorphous of growth is letting go of those things that you have grown accustomed to, in order for you to strive to higher and different avenues of growth. It doesn’t negate the importance of what came before, but it is to say that those things that are beginning to blossom and show forth need fertile ground and the right environment in which to take root.

You are provided for, well provided for. Trust in what is said to you.

See the good in all things. Of course, mercy is being invoked now. You are feeling the grace of that mercy which is why those edges have softened. It is also why you are almost in a state of peacefulness.

We will not allow those influences that will have you see those things that you cannot change as being a possibility.

Your eyes must look for and go into the Light. See the mercy in this.

See how well provided you are. Your children are protected, too. The Father has many things in store for each of you.

So, trust in this Love and feel our love. We have not deserted you.

Nor has the Father or His Love. Ask for stronger faith and the courage to see what it is that you have been placed here to do. Then ask for the assistance to carry it through.

You have our love. I am your friend and sister, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a redeemed daughter in the Kingdom of the Celestial Heavens, of which you are a part, as well.