I am here, Martin Luther King.

I did say that I would come again. I want to share with you that I have had a great opportunity, in terms of coming to know the Love and seeing my soul change and become more like that of the divine angel. I am happy for this opportunity. Yes, I am great friends with many of the souls that you have come to know here on the other side. Yet, I am here today to tell you to understand that you are already here. You have arrived. Feel the Love that is here. Acknowledge the divinity that you have. Allow yourselves to be the divine angels that you aspire to be.

You do that by your acts, your words, your thoughts. Ask for assistance from so many helpful spirits in your spirit band and be in the Love. If you can feel the Love, ask and pray to the Father for the Love. In this Love, no harm will come to you. In this Love, acknowledge the presence of it. Be humbly thankful to the Father. Ask to stay centered in this Love and you will see doors open. You will find the solution to any problems. You will be greatly expanded in your knowledge of understanding the greater plan that the Father has for each of you.

Yet, you must be a team. For in this team work, you will begin to see each other as co-workers and companionable partners, in terms of doing this work. Remember, none of this is to be taken for granted. The times you do take it for granted, don’t you see how much backsliding happens and how you have to pick up the pieces? Yet, you have not gone back as far as you have been before. That, in itself, is a lot of progression. Forgiveness is here and has been invoked. The Father’s Laws of Mercy are at work. How grand the scheme is that is here before you.

I am with you when your spirit band will assist you in many ways. So, take heed and make a point of finishing what you have started. I suggest that you make goals so that it isn’t a rambling on with very little conclusion. Not to say that we have conclusions here, it is just to say that there are guide posts to show you how far you have come and where you need to go.

Connect and be in the Love. I am your friend and a true follower of our master, Jesus the Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr.